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Balayage, ombre, tint, highlights, lowlights… Do your hair colour options often feel overwhelming with trendy hair techniques, hair styles and hair colour? Hair colour needn’t be difficult to grasp. Despite the names (ombre, balayage, highlights, tints, lowlights) often not giving any indication as to what they actually look like, our Abingdon hair salon is here to guide you through the minefield that is hairdressing and hair colour!

Creative/Pastel Hair Colours

Semi-permanent hair colours offer so much scope for creativity. At Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon, we offer up to 36 different hair colour shades from Violet, to Rose Gold, Moonstone, Mermaid Blue or even Silver Ice!

Grey Hair Ideas

Embracing your grey hair colour is typically viewed as a tough ask. Put the box dye down! Going grey today still offers so many hair colour options in a hair salon.

Male Hairstyles

At Wisteria Avenue, one of the best hair salons in Abingdon we offer gents cuts, beard trims, dry cuts and wash and cut options. Going to the salon is the best opportunity a gent can have if the quality is important to you. Hair salons in Abingdon like ours, you don’t necessarily need to spend big in order to achieve a quality finish either.

Summer Hair Ideas

Summer is finally here! That can mean one thing; (Well, aside from a new wardrobe!), it’s time for a new hair colour! At any top salon your Hair Stylist will likely have an excellent grasp of seasonal hair trends. Whether you intend to opt for a natural sun kissed balayage with lighter tones, highlights a shade or two lighter or something to really make a statement this summer like a creative colour (rose gold is VERY popular right now), your options are far from limited particularly down the creative hair colour avenue.

Blonde Hair Ideas

Our Abingdon hairdressers is geared towards creating the best hair colour on offer. At Wisteria Avenue hairdressing in Abingdon, we are experts in hair colour and the latest hair trends. Our team of skilled Hair Stylists have partnered with JOICO to offer our clients their LumiShine, Blonde Life and Color Intensity range.

Winter Hair Ideas

Good hairdressers in Abingdon are hard to find. Working with your Stylist to find out what works for you is really important to find common ground; something that works for you! 

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In French, ombre translates as ‘shade’. So what does this mean in terms of hair colour? Ombre in the hairdressing terms basically means a two-toned colour effect that is traditionally darker at the top and lighter at the bottom.


Two of the most popular hair colour services in our Abingdon salon are all over colors and highlights.

As hair colour experts in Abingdon, both all over colours and highlights are clear winners if you are concerned by greys in the case of highlights or in the case of greys, our stylists generally opt for an all over colour in the event of more than 30% grey coverage particularly on short hair.


Do you want your hair to whisper or shout!? Tell your Stylist exactly what you seek (and don’t forget to be specific, every detail helps!). During your appointment it helps to bring photos for inspiration, Pinterest imagery or even magazines!

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