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Box Hair Dyes. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

Box Dyes are cheap and easy! Why should I bother visiting a hair salon?

We’ve all used a box dye (well, most). It’s cheap, readily accessible from most supermarkets and it can easily be applied to cover pesky grey hairs, drastically alter your appearance at short notice and it’s a bit of a doddle!

Sound good? Yep! It certainly comes with a number of upsides. Cost efficiency and ease are definitely plus points. However what else is there to consider?

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Box Dye – Upside

It’s cheap, readily available, anyone can apply it and it comes with instructions detailing how to apply it. You can’t say fairer than that!

It’s also pretty neat if you seek to cover a bad hair colour job without visiting a salon!

Box Dye – Downside

Sadly box dye’s aren’t all plain sailing. Box dye’s are mass produced essentially to ensure suitability for anyone and everyone that uses them. For this reason the formula is typically more concentrated than professional salon hair colour. Why? Not all clients will be lucky enough to achieve a desired colour (not all hair can achieve each colour) thus box dye colour has to be strong enough to work on every client. 

This is great if you want security that your colour will work (because it’s strong stuff!). That being said in a salon the colour will be bespoke to your hair type, whereas with a box dye no matter how thick, thin or porous you hair is, your present hair condition will not be taken into account with a box dye. It’ll overpower everything.

In its simplest form, this means box dyes are strong! This is where the first risk comes into play. They can really cause damage if you aren’t careful and take one too many chances. Dry and damaged hair is a huge implication. Leave the hair dye on for too long on already damaged or dry hair and you could be in for a shock!

In addition it is also worth considering the attention to detail. It is commonplace that box dyes are patchy, uneven or are poorly executed. Where there isn’t enough dye, it causes big problems visually!

Are all box dyes bad?

They certainly don’t need to be. In the event you are on a strict budget and need to be more frugal with your money, your hair is healthy and you are happy with the end result it could prove to be a sensible option than visiting a hairdressers.

That being said, it is generally safer to use a demi or semi-permanent box dye at home above any other form of home hair colouring. In addition we would advise opting for a smaller colour change. This is generally a lot safer than a drastic change in colour. Adopting both tactics will prove far less damaging than reaching for the permanent box dye that is going to completely revolutionise your whole appearance.

When to opt for a professional

Professional stylists understand hair colour, skin tones, levels, the health of hair and what is required to achieve your desired goals.

When something goes wrong, they know what to do! Just as importantly, they will know exactly what will and won’t work. They recognise safe practise and will do their utmost to ensure efficiency. Peace of mind is absolutely crucial!

Hair Colour Consultation

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