Hair Colour : The Pitfalls

Hair Colouring at Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon in Abingdon

Hair colouring is a great and efficient way of changing your appearance! Many of us use our hair as an extension of our own personalities. For others, we do our best to cover grey hairs whereas the addition of lighter pieces can cast a much better visual.

That being said hair colouring can prove an unnecessary and expensive experience if you get it wrong. At our Abingdon hairdressers’ we look to debunk the hairdressing myths whilst helping you spend your money more wisely.

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The Pitfalls

If you don’t regularly visit a hair salon, your next colour will be very important. Before committing to a hair colour, it’s worth considering the upkeep and maintenance of your hair colour. What are the cost implications? Is your lifestyle compatible to your type of desired hair colour and style? Is my new hair colour manageable?

The main factors are normally cost and time. Once you commit to your first appointment, if you aren’t ready to tackle the ongoing maintenance, it’s a slippery slope and potentially an expensive one if you leave it alone for a few months before addressing your next appointment.

If you accept that maintenance is crucial, then staying on top of your hair will make it significantly cheaper in the long run. However, leave your hair to deteriorate? Whilst not in all cases, some hair colour appointments could be considered a colour correction (i.e. a higher cost if not addressed within the advised time frame!).

Your Roots

Your roots are crucial. They are the number one reason why your hair may cost you a lot of money. They are also the sole reason that you could avoid spending lots of money!

Realistically if you don’t visit a salon very often it is worth considering whether highlights, scalp bleaches or tints are worthwhile. They all impact your roots! Once your roots show regrowth, within four weeks these may need addressing. If you’re happy to maintain these it’s great, however if you aren’t used to visiting a hair salon often then it can be hugely frustrating trying to keep on top of your hair colour!

That being said, there are pros to getting your hair done. Just arm yourself; if you are grey then opting for regular t-section highlights are strongly advised. If anything these are a worthwhile investment. Just be on the ball when booking as keeping up to date will reduce your expense medium term.

Additionally if your natural is coming through and you seek bleached roots, leaving them for longer than necessary is damaging. This will prove an unnecessary burden and a costly one if left for longer than a month or so.

Finally, root touch ups are reasonably cost effective, however leave them for too long and you may need to spend that little bit extra to help your hair overall.

Hair Colour Consultation

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