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Is hair colour bad?

Hair colouring at our Abingdon hairdressers can be a great and efficient way of changing your appearance! Hair colour options can vary and may appear complicated.

Whether you set out to cover greys, revolutionise your hair or simply want a change, hair colour can significantly change your appearance for the better.

In some cases, home dying kits, colour stripping agents or the wrong choice in the salon can prove expensive to upkeep! It can even prove to be an unnecessary and expensive experience if you get it wrong.

At our Abingdon hairdressers’ we look to debunk the hairdressing myths whilst helping you spend your money more wisely.

For more information on hair advice, our helpful balayage tips might help. Alternatively, check out our other blog posts for more.

How often do I need my hair coloured?

If you don’t regularly visit a hair salon, your next colour will be very important. Before committing to a hair colour, it’s worth considering the upkeep and maintenance of your hair colour.

We always ask clients; how often do/would you colour your hair? How sensitive are you about your grey coverage? Is your lifestyle compatible to your type of desired hair colour and style? Is my new hair colour manageable?

The main factors are normally cost, time and availability. Once you commit to your first appointment, if you aren’t ready to tackle the ongoing maintenance it’s a slippery slope and potentially an expensive one if you leave it alone for a few months before addressing your next appointment.

As a rule of thumb, if you are happy to stay on top of your hair colour the following service times between appointments may prove useful:

  • T-Section (Every 6 Weeks)
  • Half Head/Full Head Highlights (In rotation every 2-3 months)
  • Balayage (Every 3-4 Months)
  • Ombre (Every 3-4 Months)
  • Tints (Every 4-6 Weeks)
  • Scalp Bleach Regrowth (Every 6 Weeks)


Accepting that maintenance is crucial is the first step to choosing the right service for you. Staying on top of your hair will ensure the outlay for hair colour appointments is more cost effective in the long run.

Roots and Regrowth

Deciding which appointment works for you is really important. Whether it’s lifestyle, embracing your natural colour, condition of hair, skin or eye colour can be crucial factors.

For many clients deciding what to do with your roots is the main consideration. At Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon in Abingdon, we ask questions, advise and encourage. This process is in order to find the right service and to avoid committing to a service which may not be the right one for you.

Realistically if you don’t visit a salon very often it is worth considering which service is right for you.

Finally, root touch ups are reasonably cost effective, however leave them for too long and you may need to spend that little bit extra to help your hair overall.

If you are looking for advice on your next colour, contact our Abingdon hairdressers.


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