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My Hairdresser never listens…

Communicating with your Stylist at Wisteria Avenue Hairdressers in Abingdon

It remains commonplace within hairdressing that a client is fearful of a Stylist because they ‘never listen’, ‘they cut too much off’, ‘she turned me brassy!’ or ‘I never asked for that!’.

Generally speaking a Stylist will be capable of delivering against expectations however the key comes down to one thing; communication. This is generally a conversation which ought to be led by your Stylist. If your Stylist isn’t communicating, asking questions, probing, showing you colour swatches and finding answers… Alarm bells should be ringing loud and clear!

If you are seeking a new hair salon if you feel that your Hair Stylist hasn’t listened to you, let us know. Please call 01235 534705 or to find your next appointment online, our online appointments can be found by clicking here.


My Stylist NEVER does what I ask. But why?

Most Hair Stylists will work with the information they are given. Some Hair Stylists will require more information than others. What is crucial however is that both parties communicate (not just one!).

Generally speaking communication is 100% the most important aspect of any hair appointment. Leaving it to the Stylist to address your cut, colour or style will more times than not lead to disappointment. Stylists love to be told exactly what you would like (if they are particularly good, they will tell you what will work and additionally pitch ideas to help the brainstorming process).

A conversation is always a two way street. If you or your Stylist are failing to be clear and concise enough, one member of the team is increasing the likelihood of disappointment. 

Consistency is crucial; pictures are a great starting point (just be sure to bring similar images of what you like to avoid confusion!). Your Stylists job is to visualise the finished article that you have in your head and to make that a reality. As a customer, be ready to probe. Ask questions, be specific and be clear. This will help your Stylist to better understand your ideal style.

So what should I do at my appointment?

Additionally your Stylist SHOULD 100% be sitting down with you before your appointment to discuss your hair styling options. If your Stylist is not discussing your hair with you and making assumptions, you should reconsider your Stylist.

That being said, whilst your Hair Stylist may be an excellent Colourist, Cutter or be particularly adept at styling, if there is a gap in communication there will more often than not prove disparity in your desired look to what you have achieved in reality.

As a top tip, if your Stylist isn’t talking to you (as they should), talk to them! Don’t forget this is YOUR HAIR and that assuming your Stylist knows exactly what you seek may only be partially true.

Never assume that a Stylist knows. If you seek a balayage, come prepared with images, ideas, visual examples and do your research! If you are paying a premium for a service, it’s worthwhile spending time doing your own due diligence before committing to something that could drastically alter your appearance (either good or bad!).

Whilst your Stylist should be undertaking a thorough consultation with you at your appointment to understand the colour you seek and the style you like, this should also be a constant theme throughout your appointment.

In Summary

  • Ask questions!
  • Never assume your Stylist knows what you like or dislike!
  • Make sure your Stylist is asking more questions than you!
  • Don’t tell your Stylist ‘I’ll leave it up to you’ (if you have something specific in mind, they will listen)!
  • Communication is absolutely crucial and is a two way street!

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