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Booking a haircut with a new Abingdon hairdressers can be big step if you are using a new hair salon for the first time. However the experience of a new salon or using a new Hair Stylist can be a happy one if you are open to change.

Our Hair Stylists’ look to cater to your styling needs and personality. Some are conversational whilst others can be reserved and yet precise. Our Abingdon Hair Stylists’ come in all shapes and sizes, however it is important to recognise that they all set out to deliver the best service possible.

For more information on hair advice, our helpful ladies haircut tips might help. Alternatively, check out our other blog posts for more.

Find your hairdresser

Finding the best haircut in Abingdon can be challenging, however working with your Hair Stylist is worthwhile. Often this can take time, however it can be that your dream Hair Stylist is not always the best!

Often bonding with a Hairdresser with the biggest personality wins. It can be that the best Hairdresser isn’t always the best suited to you. Confusing? We thought so!

At Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon in Abingdon we have Stylists’ across all ranges of experience. Whether it’s attention to detail which is second to none and above any Hair Stylist that you would ordinarily find in Abingdon or a willingness to go above and beyond. It might be that your next hairdresser needs to be a firecracker with bags of energy that works better for you. 

To some clients, the best haircut or hair colour in Abingdon doesn’t necessarily win. On many occasions, our clients have previously found that a less able Hair Stylist has been able to satisfy their needs and yet in practice they have been less capable than a senior member from another salon. Personality can therefore prove just as, if not more important!

Let us inspire

Have you seen a good haircut in Abingdon recently? Ask your friend where they sought a haircut. Alternatively most Hairdressers’ are capable, they often simply require more direction. The complexity of the cut will also determine which Stylist you seek.

Senior Hair Stylists’ are senior for a reason, however they can prove more expensive and will not always be worthwhile paying more money when a less senior Hairdresser would be more than capable (in the event the cut or style is straightforward). Consider what it is that you are after and speak to your local hair salon in Abingdon. They will be able to advise.

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