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Colouring Roots

Our Abingdon Hair Stylists know that natural roots coming through can be an expensive process.

Those of us that colour our hair know what is required but it doesn’t need to be so difficult. For some clients in our Abingdon hairdressers roots can be difficult to maintain and aesthetically challenging when your natural hair colour starts to come through leaving you with a different colour at the root from the rest of your hair following your last appointment.

These frustrations are largely understood and commonplace. That being said, there are some niche tricks that can help you save money whilst also being able to achieve improved results.

Tint Regrowth

If you are concerned by your regrowth but not sold on going lighter, a tint regrowth is the perfect solution.

At our Abingon hair salon, a tint regrowth is reasonably cost effective option as it’s far less time consuming and a relatively straightforward appointment. A tint regrowth is the application of a solid colour on your roots. Similar to a full head tint (all over colour), a tint regrowth is one colour designed to only colour the root area.


When you think of highlights, we think of lighter blonde hair colours.

Our Abingdon hairdressers offer a different alternative. Being brighter is an option, however rather than covering grey’s, a small number of foils can seamlessly mask or give the illusion that there are fewer or no grey hairs at all.

This is achieved by focusing the attention to the lighter pieces introduced by foils rather than the more obvious grey. The fewer foils, the more maintainable the hair colour. 

With this in mind, if you want to maintain your hair at a lower cost yet with a higher frequency of appointment, a t-section foils is the route to go down with our Abingdon Hair Stylists.

A full-head of highlights is more than a half head of highlights, whereas a t-section is fewer than a half head and generally covers the root area with small foils.

Root Smudge

Similar to a tint regrowth, this appointment has become increasingly popular in recent times.

Designed to blend out the natural root colour, sections of the hair are weaved (similar to a balayage) to create a natural effective.

In practise this normally works with a lighter colour than your roots to the tips of your hair. Once the natural regrowth starts to come through, a root drag is a really good option to extend the life of your hair colour.

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