I don’t understand hair colour! What do I choose?

What hair colour appointment should I book at Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon, Abingdon

It isn’t always easy to understand hair colour. Taking into consideration hair style, face shape, skin pigmentation, how you wear your hair and lifestyle are all important considerations. Additionally there is also hair type, hair condition, existing hair colour. It’s not always feasible to just go for the lightest and brightest colour of for a full head of foils.

This article is designed to help better understand how hair colour works, what might work for you and the benefits and drawbacks to hair colour.

If you are looking for a change or are a little unsure as to what you might want to go for next, call our Abingdon hairdressers on 01235 534705. Alternatively if you are ready to book your next appointment online we accept online bookings.

Hair Colour Chart

Hair colour isn’t as straight forward as you think. Often it can be a slow process and going from dark to light is a frequent frustration of many a client.

The chart below gives an indication of how hair colour works in practise.

I want my hair colour to go lighter! But how?

Firstly going lighter requires bleach. So lets look at the condition of your hair. Your Hair Stylist is going to be asking you what you have done to your hair.

Have you box dyed it?

What have you done to your hair in the last 12 months (if anything)?

Does your hair feel dry?

Can any dead ends be seen?

What’s the existing colour application like (is it patchy)?

Do you have any grey hairs coming through?

What colour is your hair?

These questions (with more to come) will initially determine whether you are a candidate for going lighter. Remember, bleach doesn’t need to be a ‘bad thing’, but it certainly can be. Therefore before bleach is applied to the hair it is important that your hair is looked after and the condition isn’t sacrificed.

Treatments are always a good option. These can definitely help during the bleaching process however if hair is already beyond damaged, bleach will be a no-go area.

What are my hair colour options?

If you are a candidate for bleaching, then your existing hair colour will play a significant role. 

Scalp bleach? Balayage? Ombre? Highlights? There are options. However it is worth noting that bleach is to be used with caution. If you start with an ombre, it’s nearly impossible to switch to a balayage. Conversely if you have a full head of highlights, it’s not easy to revert to say, an ombre. So consideration is required with longer term goals in mind.

I just want to go lighter… How?

First step is to choose your method. Highlights are safe, but often require multiple appointments. Ask your Hair Stylist to pack lots of highlights in during your appointment in our Abingdon hairdressers and that will help visually. The benefit with highlights being they are largely safe without damaging your hair. Condition of hair is really important, so this is a safe way of preserving your hair whilst still being able to go lighter over time.

Alternatively you could go for a scalp bleach (full head bleach). This will offer a ‘block colour’ option however it does require a lot of bleach and doesn’t give your hair much breathing space to recover. This is however a very effective method for going light all over.

Colour Consultation

Are you ready to go lighter? We recommend chatting to a Hair Stylist in our Abingdon hairdressers first.

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