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Top Tips: How to Tame Frizzy Hair!

Taming frizzy hair is a nightmare! You’ve woken up in the morning, you’ve tried out a new product or you’ve forgotten your umbrella! Whatever the reason, lots of us suffer from fizz leaving us all in some desperate last minute TLC!

So what can we do to prevent it? Factors including but not limited to heat damage and humidity. Below we explore what can be done to improve and achieve frizz free hair!

For more information on hair advice, our helpful smoothing treatment tips might help. Alternatively, check out our other blog posts for more.

Top Tip 1: Check your shampoo’s ingredients (glycerin/glycerol is a good one!)

Check our JOICO Moisture Recovery. This can be found in our Abingdon hair salon. This contains the necessary formula within the shampoo to help.

Glycercol is a component that is colourless and odourless, but it’s great at nurturing hair! It’s non-toxic and brilliant at moisturising your hair. It’s also found in products to assist with wounds and burn treatments to assist with recovery. It’s a great little ingredient that is a gem when found in hair products!

Most importantly, shampoos containing with high concentrations of glycerol are great for re-hydrating frizzy or dried out hair. 

Top Tip 2: Hair Conditioner? It takes too long!

Many of us opt to avoid using hair conditioner for no other reason that it’s an inconvenience!

Two-in-one shampoos won’t do the trick, so invest in something that can do the job properly. Yes, it may take longer but to avoid unnecessary frizziness, it’ll certainly help your rebellious locks of hair!

As a helpful tip, avoid running moisturising conditioners to the root area. It’ll only make those roots feel really oily (and that’s a whole different can of worms!).

Top Tip 3: Hair Treatments!

Your local hair salon will offer different variations of this treatment. At Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon, we provide a Hair Repair Treatment that does wonders. Whilst you can’t replicate the treatment at home, it’s still reasonably cost effective and leaves your hair in great shape.

Regular applications (once – twice a week) is a good starting point and will eventually ‘coach’ your hair to behave!


Top Tip 4: Put the Hair Dryer Down!

I know, it’s a pain. It also takes longer to wash your hair. That being said, if you can be patient, your hair will repay you 10x over!

Give your hair breathing space. Jumping for the hair dryer will only create a frizz-ball. We recommend allowing your hair to dry organically. Once you’re almost at the stage whereby your hair is mildly damp to the touch, then you can use the appliance. Avoid the hair dryer will minimise heat damage whilst also preventing your hair from being exposed to humidity. 

Also, it’s worth noting that a low setting and drying from a distance is also strongly advised.

Interested in tackling frizzy hair?

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