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Blow Drying Hair

Blow dry’s at Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon are our bread and butter. Our Abingdon hairdressers recognise that blow drying hair can be hard to do yourself.

It’s a task most of us would prefer to avoid, many of us opting to skip a morning shower for an extra hour in bed! No matter, hair is still going to take time however there are some much needed a simple to implement tricks to help speed the proceed of blow drying hair.

Whether it’s a Monday morning dash, a dinner date with little time to spare or you simply want to cut down on your daily hair routine, we look to debunk some myths of drying hair and offer some easy to implement tips and tricks to help your hair routine!

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Blow dry tips #1

Your hairdryer will play a significant role in your hair routine and blow drying.

Do your research before buying the latest and priciest hair gadget! Your blow dry is dependent on it! Ask our Abingdon hairdressers for advice at your next appointment.

Speed is important yet it’s really not worthy of sacrificing the condition of your hair. Look out for words like ‘ceramic’ and ‘ion technology’. These ought to be central to your choice, so if your existing hairdryer already ticks these boxes, you’re off to a winner already!

It’s also worth considering your hair type. Thick? Fine? Curly? The power of your hairdryer is important too. Whilst any hairdryer will ultimately dry your hair, for the most efficient option the wattage (power) of your hairdryer is worth looking out for. An average hairdryer will likely boast 1,800 watts. If your hair is far more voluminous and thick, it’s worth exercising your option for a more powerful option. 

Blow Dry tips #2

Want a speedier blow dry? Tackle your roots and work down. Ensure initially the the root area is completely dry. Your hair will look much healthier. It’s simple and easy to implement!

Blow Dry tips #3

On the face of it this stage perhaps seems counter intuitive if we are trying to speed the proceed. If you have the time, shower first and then multitask second. Towel wrap your hair, wait for 15 minutes.

This saves your hair from heat exposure whilst having the added benefit of drying your hair with no additional effort.

Blow Dry Tips #4

This one is really simple. This is a marginal gain however as a rule of thumb, take into account your hair type and run with this!

  1. Paddle brushes are a no no for blow drying.
  2. The bristle type is vital for thick hair. Try a boar bristle brush if you haven’t already.
  3. The shorter/finer the hair, the smaller the barrel of the brush (and vice versa for longer/thicker hair).

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