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Managing my hair colour expectations

If you’re looking to change up your hair colour, it’s important to manage your expectations. While a drastic transformation may be possible, it may not be achievable in one appointment. In this guide, we’ll explore how to manage your hair colour expectations and achieve the best results.

At Abingdon Hairdressers, we know that hair colour is a personal choice, and it’s important to us that you love your new colour. However, it’s essential to understand the limitations of the hair and the process. When considering a colour transformation, we recommend you have a consultation with one of our experienced colourists. They will assess your hair and discuss your desired result, taking into account the current condition of your hair, skin tone, and lifestyle.

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Factors That Affect Your Hair Colour Transformation

Hair Texture and Type: Hair texture and type play a significant role in how your hair will absorb colour. Fine hair, for example, can absorb colour more quickly than coarse hair. Curly hair may require additional processing time and more product to achieve the desired colour.

Previous Colour Treatments: If you’ve previously coloured your hair, the process can become more complicated. Some colour treatments may leave a residue, which can affect the result of your new colour. It’s important to communicate with your colourist to ensure they’re aware of any previous treatments.

Current Hair Colour: The colour of your hair will also impact your transformation. If your natural hair colour is significantly darker than the desired colour, it may take multiple appointments to achieve your desired result. Similarly, if you want to go significantly lighter, you may need to undergo a colour correction process first.

Tips for Managing Your Hair Colour Expectations

Be Realistic: Your hair may not look the same as the inspiration photo you’ve shown your colourist. It’s important to understand that everyone’s hair is different, and your colour transformation may look different than what you’ve envisioned.

Communicate with Your Colourist: Your colourist is there to help you achieve your desired look while keeping your hair’s health in mind. Communication is key when it comes to managing your expectations. If you’re unsure about anything, ask questions.

Prepare for Multiple Appointments: Depending on the desired result, you may need to have multiple appointments to achieve your ideal hair colour. Don’t be discouraged if the transformation takes longer than anticipated.

Take Care of Your Hair: After your colour transformation, it’s important to maintain the health of your hair. Using products designed for coloured hair and regular trims can help prolong the life of your new colour.

At Abingdon Hair Salon, we understand the importance of managing your hair colour expectations. Our experienced colourists are dedicated to helping you achieve your desired look while keeping your hair’s health in mind. Book a consultation today to start your hair colour journey.

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