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Which haircut service is best for me?

At our Abingdon hairdressers, clients often ask which haircut service is best for them. If you are unsure what type of haircut you should be booking in our Abingdon hair salon then you are not alone. Frequently clients’ request a booking, yet are unsure how to differentiate between a dry cut, wash and cut, wash cut and blow dry and a restyle.

So what do these hair cut terms mean to a Hair Stylist? Most importantly, what do they mean to you the next time you decide to book in for your hair appointment?

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Dry Cut

A dry hair cut is generally cheaper, however it’s a lot trickier to get an accurate and precise cut as the hair will often fall differently having not been washed.

Not all Abingdon hairdressers will provide this service as a result. That being said, if your primary concern is a quick trim and you rarely style your hair, it is quick and cost effective.

Wash and cut

The upside to a wash and cut it can appeal to two sorts of clients’; clients with short hair (the hair largely won’t need drying).  is appeals to clients with short hair (because the hair will largely not require a dry meaning that you will save yourself some money). The downside to booking a blow dry with long hair is that for one, it will remain wet. Secondly, the Hair Stylist will be unable to check the quality of cut if it isn’t dried.

If you don’t mind forgoing a blow dry or styling service, this is a simpler and more efficient service, focusing on a cut only.

Wash cut and blow dry

Most clients’ in our Abingdon hair salon will book in for a wash, cut and blow dry. This is generally the accepted service if you seek a hair cut similar to your last. If you don’t seek a drastic change whilst requiring a blow dry upon completion of your cut, then a wash, cut and blow dry service is the one most clients’ would book.

This is our go-to and our most popular service. A blow dry not only helps you feel great after a relaxing cut, but allows both you and the Stylist to see the finished cut.


Fancy a change? Our Abingdon hairdressers are here to help with a new haircut in the form of a restyle! Generally a restyle can take a little longer than a normal cut, therefore this can generally prove a little more expensive than a wash, cut and blow dry.

If you plan to take off significant hair, plan for a complete makeover or simply fancy a modern style then a restyle is required. Usually a restyle is advised if you are having more than two inches off your ends, are looking to change the style of your hair, it has been more than three months since a last haircut, extra TLC is needed or your hair is thick and in need of extra time.

Attention to detail is everything. Those extra 15 minutes over a normal wash, cut and blow dry are essential to ensure you are happy with your cut!

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