Hair Trends

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions come in all shapes and sizes from taped wefts, micro rings, hot bonded and prebonded to name but a few. Ultimately extensions at their very core are both a fashion accessory or for many clients most appropriate if suffering from hair loss. However the application, quality of hair frequently varies significantly. Often shorter …

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The best hair colour has the capacity ability to make any hair style, hair cut or head of hair stand out with outstanding results. At Wisteria Avenue hairdressers in Abingdon, we are experts creating hairstyles and delivering bespoke hair colour results.

Hair Styling Options

Your hair styling can ultimately transform your appearance depending on the occasion. Whether you’re attending a birthday bash, wedding, a nice restaurant or a family gathering, your hair styling options best sell, you!

Short Hair Ideas

Your haircut says a lot about you. Positively: Warmth? Friendliness? Sex appeal? Professionalism? Openness? Cute? Natural Beauty? Conversely your hair can also tell a less than positive story (something our Stylists can advise upon if you are unsure as to your next haircut or style) when your visit Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon.

Long Hair Ideas

Long hairstyles are still as popular as ever with the right haircut and colour combo. If you have long hair and are in limbo about your next cut, fear not (because you have plenty of options!).

Autumn Hair Ideas

This Autumn, check out the best hair trends in our Abingdon hair salon! We love staying ahead with the latest trends and techniques! With the new season up us at Wisteria Avenue, there are plenty of new colours and trends to try!

Spring Hair Ideas

Hair Colours this Spring everyone thinks ‘freshness’. The sun is stronger, everyone’s mood is lifted; it makes sense that your hair colour reflects the season!

Brunette Hair Ideas

Transforming your brunette hair using the best hair colour matched with the best hairdressers can prove a perfect mix. Brunette hair offers plenty of options; luckily clients sporting brunette hair strike lucky by virtue that inspiration isn’t hard to come by!


Balayage, ombre, tint, highlights, lowlights… Do your hair colour options often feel overwhelming with trendy hair techniques, hair styles and hair colour? Hair colour needn’t be difficult to grasp. Despite the names (ombre, balayage, highlights, tints, lowlights) often not giving any indication as to what they actually look like, our Abingdon hair salon is here to guide you through the minefield that is hairdressing and hair colour!

Creative/Pastel Hair Colours

Semi-permanent hair colours offer so much scope for creativity. At Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon, we offer up to 36 different hair colour shades from Violet, to Rose Gold, Moonstone, Mermaid Blue or even Silver Ice!

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