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Men’s haircut and men’s hair colour appointments at Wisteria Avenue are a popular service with our Abingdon hairdressers and barbers.

Our Hair Stylists and Barbers are always up-to-date with the latest hair trends for gents. So whether you are looking for a hair colour tint, highlights to lighten or blend grey or a precision hair cut or something more classic, our consultations are a helpful tool to help deliver a men’s haircut or hair colour.

Our haircut and hair colour appointments offer an opportunity to discuss any specific requirements within the appointment. If you are unsure, have not had a haircut in a long time or seek a change in style, we would recommend a restyle. If booking a hair colour appointment, a skin test will need to be arranged in advance.

Looking for something more than a change of haircut? We specialise in mens perms. Visit our mens perms service page for more.


Barber Haircut Options

Choosing the right haircut is essential for any man looking to enhance his appearance and showcase his personal style. With a plethora of options available, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect fit. One essential factor to consider when selecting a haircut is your face shape. Understanding your face shape can guide you towards the most flattering haircut that complements your features and highlights your best attributes. If you’re looking for a mens salon near me, these tips should help:

  • Oval Face: Men with an oval face are fortunate, as this shape complements most haircuts. From short styles to longer ones, almost any hairstyle looks great on an oval face.

  • Round Face: To add dimension and elongate the face, opt for haircuts with volume on top and shorter sides. Avoid cuts that emphasize roundness, such as fully rounded fringes.

  • Square Face: Embrace the strong angles of a square face with hairstyles that soften the edges. Longer, textured hair on top can complement square faces beautifully.

  • Heart-Shaped Face: Balance a heart-shaped face by opting for haircuts with more volume at the chin level. Avoid styles that add too much height on top.

  • Oblong Face: Men with an oblong face can benefit from haircuts that add width to the sides, such as side-swept fringes or hairstyles with fullness at the temples.

Why are men's haircuts so popular in a salon?

Men’s haircuts in salons have gained popularity due to the comprehensive experience they offer. Beyond just a haircut, salon services often include a hair wash, a personalized consultation, and expert advice on styling. Salons focus on creating a comfortable and tailored experience, making men’s haircuts not only about maintenance but also a self-care ritual.

What is the difference between a salon haircut versus a barbers?

Choosing a hair salon for a men’s haircut provides a more indulgent experience compared to a barbershop. In a salon, you can expect a thorough consultation, incorporating your preferences, likes, and dislikes. The experience is not rushed, allowing for a more detailed discussion on what might work best for you. Moreover, salons often excel in the art of cutting, providing a more bespoke and skillfully executed haircut.

What is the downside to a mens haircut in salon?

Both Abingdon barbers and salons have their downsides. If you’re looking for a men’s salon near me, keep an open mind. While salons excel in various aspects, one potential downside is that barbershops are traditionally associated with expertise in beard trims over haircuts. In a salon, the emphasis is primarily on the cutting side, and some may argue that barbers lack in this area much more than salons. However, it’s important to note that this observation is not a critique but a recognition of the unique strengths each establishment brings. For those seeking a holistic approach to hair and beard care, a combination of salon and barber services could offer the best of both worlds.

How much does a mens haircut in a hairdressers costs?

Mens haircuts can vary in cost. In Abingdon, the average cost for a Men’s Wash, Cut & Blow Dry appears to vary from £25 – £60 depending on the salon and the Stylist.

There are options for additional services such as beard trims and mens restyles. It’s important to note that barber shops offer haircuts in Abingdon starting from around £15. In central Oxford, the cost is generally higher.

How does a gents salon haircut experience work differently?

A mens hair salon haircut distinguishes itself through a process beginning with a thorough consultation, the stylist considers individual preferences and lifestyle. The service often includes a hair wash, ensuring a clean canvas for the cut. Stylists in these salons provide expert opinions, offering personalised advice on trends and modifications. Known for skilful cutting techniques, gents hair salons prioritise precision cutting, resulting in a polished, refined look. Beyond the cut, mens hair salons may offer holistic grooming services, such as beard trims and facial treatments, creating a comprehensive grooming experience. The choice between a gentlemen’s hair salon and a barber depends on individual preferences and desired services.

Where are we?

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Modern cut

Keeping your hair longer on top allows you to create versatile styles. Slicked, quiffed, or tousled Longer hair can can be styled to your liking using gels, wax, sprays, creams or pastes to put your own stamp on your hair.

Classic Cut

The lowest maintenance gent’s haircut is the tried and trusted short back and sides. Very simply, short on the sides and longer on top. It’s easy to manage, suits most hair types, face shapes and can be easy to style!

Chat to us at your next hair appointment about your hair routine and we can do the rest!

Men's Colour

Hair colouring can be natural and sophisticated. Blend your grey with subtle highlights, give depth with lowlights or tint for an all over colour change!

If you are colouring your hair for the first time or just need some advice, call the salon to book your skin test. 

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Your Questions,

Men’s hair appointments can be made in a number of ways. Online bookings can be found at www.wisteriaavenue.co.uk/bookings

Alternatively if you would prefer to speak with somone, Tuesday to Saturday across our standard opening hours we can be contacted on 01235 534705. Alternatively by email at [email protected]

If you have a WhatsApp account, by creating a contact in your phone and using our landline number 01235 534705 you can send Wisteria Avenue a message about a booking enquiry.

Most broader questions can usually be answered by calling 01235 534705, email or sending a WhatsApp message.

All appointments carry an in-salon consultation at the time of the appointment. For example when booking a haircut, our Stylists work through your likes and dislikes, any questions, their opinion and anything else you would like to discuss.

Typically more detailed hair colour appointment requests are best discussed in person than over the phone. Usually more specific questions about whether something can be achieved or if a certain colour can be done are best answered when all the available information can be worked through. In this case a consultation is valued because hoping to answer any more detailed questions. It’s usually much more helpful for our Stylists to understand your hair history, hair type, what your hair feels like and to offer tailored advice while ensuring you are booking the correct hair appointment.

Yes! We stock JOICO products in salon. 

Some of these products will not be available due to stock levels, however most products can be ordered and available to collect within a few working days.

Wisteria Avenue offer most hair services. These include but are not limited to haircuts, hair colours including highlights, balayages, ombres, tints, scalp bleaches, blow drys, perms, children’s haircuts, barbering, gents haircuts and more.

For further information on our available services, visit our price list.

We occasionally run promotional offers and discounts for select hair colour and haircut services. 

These often carry a timeframe before they are invalid and are at the discretion of the salon.

Usually these do not run across December, however if you are unsure please check with the hair salon before booking.

We do not currently employ any Trainee Hair Stylists.


Our Hair Stylists are here to help specifically to breakdown any hairdresser jargon into plain English. If you are unsure what would work for you, just ask. We can show you pictures, run ideas past you and through a consultation together we can typically find something that would help.

For curly haircuts, more information can be found here.

Still have a question?

Get answers from our team of experienced Hair Stylists.

Men's Hair Consultations

As one of the best haircutting hair salons near me in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, we would love to discuss your plans with you! To book your hair appointment or consultation, get in touch with Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon by booking online or calling us on 01235 534705. 

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