Bleach is NOT a scary word!

Hair Bleaching at Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon in Abingdon

Ever thought of bleach as a bad thing? Whilst some bleaches can be a little harsher than others (and by no means is everyone a candidate for a bleaching service), with some caution there’s no reason to fear the application on bleach!

At our Abingdon hairdressers’ we would always recommend understanding the up and downsides of hair bleach. Your local Abingdon hairdressers’ will likely to be well placed to advise on this, however if your hair is generally healthy and you seek something to introduce a little bit of lightness, bleach is often the way to go.

Interested in a bleaching service such as highlights, balayage or ombre? Let us know! Call Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon on 01235 534705. Alternatively book your next appointment online.

I want to go lighter!… Can I use bleach?

You have options. Firstly you could do this yourself, however home kits generally are best avoided; these can be a little hit and miss. When bleach goes wrong, it goes VERY wrong! So leave it to a professional to sort if your budget extends that far.

It is also worth considering whether you are a candidate for bleach. If your hair is patchy through the application of a home dye kit or a faded colour, bleaching over this may spell trouble. Remember, bleach is powerful however if you apply it to patchy hair, it won’t correct this it will only further escalate your hair woes!

Speak to your Hair Stylist first and then decide together whether you are a prime candidate.

Is bleach really bad?

Yes and no. Leave bleach on for longer than the recommended time and bleach will damage your hair beyond repair. Our JOICO Blonde Life bleach can be left on for ‘up to one hour’. Crucially, most who are having a balayage, ombre or highlights generally won’t require bleach on for this length of time, so it’s important to recognise that shorter lengths of time are advantageous to lightening rather than creating more damage.

With any bleaching service comes maintenance. Investing in a treatment to counter the effects of bleach during your hair appointment is really important. This will be the most important thing that you do! Additionally appropriate hair products should also be used to maintain your hair beyond your hair bleaching/colouring appointment.

Bleaching Consultation

Interested in a hair bleaching appointment? We would advise initially speaking with one of our Hair Stylists’ to run through some options. 

Alternatively if you are ready to proceed to booking your next appointment, please call our Abingdon hairdressers’ on 01235 534705. Alternatively book your next appointment online.

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