Four Ways to Maintain Red Hair

Maintaining Red Hair at Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon in Abingdon

Ready to join the red hair club? It’s one of the rarer colour choices, but execute it right on the right hair and it’s a really powerful choice!

We help to decipher the ups and downs of red hair and how best to maintain that all over coverage!

For information of going red or maintaining your red hair colour, call our Abingdon hair salon on 01235 534705 or book your next red hair colour appointment online.


1. Reds are prone to fading (annoyingly!)

That’s right folks! Reds can fade and are prone to fading more than any colour, so extra care is required.

One tip we recommend is to avoid washing your hair immediately following your appointment. Why? Your hair has cuticles that absorb colour. They will take some time to settle therefore allow 3-4 days until they have sealed. Whilst this isn’t guaranteed to completely prevent fade, it will certainly help in most cases.

Also, using water that isn’t hot will help. Room temperature or tepid water will often support this. Some clients mention that they use cold water to wash hair in the early aftermath of the colour application.

2. Find a red that works for you

Reds won’t always look great. Speak to your Hair Stylist to understand if red will compliment your eye colour and skin complexion. This is really important (because not everyone can pull the colour off!).

Additionally, there are different types of red. Our range of JOICO’s new Powerhouse reds collection offers a number of choices from a deep red for sophistication to the lightest and brightest red for those of us who want to be the centre of attention!

3. Build a relationship with your Hair Stylist

Once you have found your hair colour of choice, executing the colour really isn’t so challenging. However as frequent appointments every 4-6 weeks to apply a new root colour is advised, you will probably need to start spending more time with your Hair Stylist so liking them is important!!

In some instances booking for a full head colour (full head tint) is worthwhile in the event that your new red hair colour isn’t holding. In this case, some early persistence is advised!

4. Don’t panic!

If your colour doesn’t look right, it will fade to the colour you chose shortly after your appointment.

Be warned! Avoid white clothing and contact with white bedding. It WILL stain!

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