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How to prevent red hair colour fading

Ready to join the red hair club? Our Abingdon hairdressers are experts when it comes to colouring red hair. Our Abingdon Hair Stylists love working with red hair colour. It’s vibrant, standout and carries an x factor! Execute red hair colour right on the right hair and it’s a really powerful combination!

Red hair colour does require regular upkeep and maintenance. Learn more with our Abingdon hair salon for the best hair tips and tricks.

Red hair colour is prone to fade

Red hair colour alongside violet hair colour can fade.

Red Hair Colour Top Tip: Avoid washing your hair immediately following your appointment. Why? Your hair has cuticles that absorb colour. They will take some time to settle therefore allow a couple of days until they have sealed. Whilst this isn’t guaranteed to completely prevent fade, it will certainly help in most cases.

Also, using water that isn’t hot will help your red hair colour too. Room temperature or tepid water will often support this. Some clients from our Abingdon hairdressers mention that they use cold water to wash hair in the early stages following a hair colour application.


Once you have found your Abingdon Hair Stylist and colour of choice, executing the colour really isn’t so challenging. However as frequent appointments every 4-6 weeks to apply a new root colour is advised, you will probably need to start spending more time with your Hair Stylist so liking them is important!!

In some instances booking two appointments will be necessary to provide full coverage. So it is worth budgeting for more than one appointment if you are are starting out.

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