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I want silver hair!

Achieving Silver Hair at Wisteria Avenue Hairdressers in Abingdon, Oxfordshire

When you are blonde you want to go blonder and when you are dark you want to go… Well, lighter!

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It is commonplace for clients’ to seek to go the lightest shade possible. That being said striking a balance between securing healthy hair and being as blonde as possible is perhaps one of the biggest obstacles you may face.

In this article we ask whether achieving silver hair is possible, how maintainable the colour is and whether you could be a candidate for achieving silver hair!

If you are interested in a conversation and have ever contemplated going silver, let us know and one of our Stylists’ may be able to help. Call our Abingdon Hairdressers on 01235 534705 or book your next appointment online, here.

Is silver hair possible?

Yes and no. Silver isn’t a natural colour.

When trying to achieve artificial colours it’s not easy. In reality there are only a handful of candidates able to successfully adopt a silver hair colour.

The semi-permanent option

JOICO has a range of colours called ‘Color Intensity’. The Color Intensity range boasts a set of semi-permanent creative colours (any shade of colour that isn’t natural; think blue, purple, silver etc.).

The Color Intensity range is one option. The ‘Silver Ice’ is a choice that often clients’ seek. It’s perhaps the easiest shorter-term option should you seek a silver. That being said don’t anticipate a perfect colour.

Creative colours are vibrant however the trick is to secure the whitest hair possible (before a silver colour is applied). Achieving this isn’t always easy. The whiter the hair because the colour is applied, the purer the finish. Toners can help before after the bleach and before the colour silver is applied to offer a better finish, however the final silver will be better if the hair is lighter to begin with.

Think of it like this; before you ‘paint’ the hair silver, the hair has to be as white as possible for it to take effect. That being said be mindful that semi-permanent colour is not a permanent fix and these last on average wash off after 20 washes.

The permanent option

There are options which resemble silver. These come in the form of a 10 base (think the lightest and brightest hair colour!). With some persistence, this is achievable but it will take some persistence.

If you seek to achieve a true silver, there isn’t a traditional hair colour that physically exists. In the case of certain clients silver can be achieved despite this. That being said it is often a case of being heavily bleached, bleached and bleached again. The lifespan and deterioration of the hair is a sacrifice, though not something most Stylists’ would advocate.

There are similar options on offer. These can resemble silver and are an excellent option if you seek to adopt this hair colour. Speak to your Stylist the next time you have an appointment and they will be happy to put a plan of action into place to help you achieve your hair colour goals.

Hair Colour Consultation

Thinking about going silver with your next hair colour? We always recommend a hair colour consultation with a Stylist. Call our Abingdon Hairdressers on 01235 534705 or book your next appointment online.


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