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What’s the most maintainable hair colour service?

Maintainable Hair Colouring Services at Wisteria Avenue Hairdressers in Abingdon

Many of our clients’ seek to have their hair coloured yet are understandably put off by the upkeep and cost of maintenance. For some clients’, maintenance comes with the territory or hair colouring. That being said there are still a number of colour services which are far more cost effective yet don’t necessarily sacrifice on their visual appeal.

If you are seeking a new colour but are still unsure about feasibility and level of maintenance, our hair Stylists’ are here to help! Call our Abingdon hairdressers on 01235 534705 or book your next appointment online using our partner website Slick by clicking here.

Top Hair Colour Tips

#1 Avoid changing your root colour!

If you are contemplating a change but seek to reduce your short-medium term costs, consider adopting a hair colour that doesn’t address your root area.

Whilst this may appear easier in practice it doesn’t apply to every client. If those pesky grey hairs’ are coming through faster than you can say ‘roots!’, then this perhaps isn’t the best solution. Nonetheless the obvious cost saving solution is always Balayage or Ombre.

Balayage and Ombre colours the hair from the top of the ear (roughly) to the ends of the hair. In reality this means that as your hair grows, your won’t need to top up your roots as we haven’t colour them to begin with. 

Adopting this approach will mean that you can can get your hair colour once every 3 -5 months (on average) saving you lots of pennies!

#2 Book a toner!

Did you know that toners are really cheap? Not only this they refresh your hair without having to go the whole hog. They are quick, easy to apply and cost somewhere in the region of £20 for most clients’. What’s not to love!?

#3 Root drags

You are probably thinking that this conflicts with our first top tip and you would be right. When you start addressing your root colour this does increase the cost and frequency of hair colour appointments.

That being said, if you are naturally a darker colour and you are sick of booking in for a regrowth, bleach and toner, a simple root drag can be much more cost effective and can better mask any darker regrowth by blending your growth into your blonde far more seamlessly.

By no means is this something to see you through for months, however it is a solution for those clients’ who are frustrated by a harsh regrowth that no longer wish to spend a fortune on touching up that annoying gap between your blonde hair and annoying regrowth.

Hair Colour Consultation

Are you concerned by the cost and frequency of your hair colour appointments? There could be a solution that doesn’t necessarily sacrifice the visual appeal of your hair.

Speak to one of our Stylists’ today by calling our Abingdon hairdressers on 01235 534705 or booking online via our online booking partner here.

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