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Are expensive Shampoos & Conditioners worth it?

Shampoos & Conditioners at Wisteria Avenue Hairdressers in Abingdon

Shampoos and conditioners can be picked up for as little as £1 or for as much as £150! However what makes shampoo and conditioners costing very little any different to those that are incredibly expensive? The real question is; do they really make any tangible difference to your hair?

At Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon in Abingdon, if you are considering a change of hair products but remain unsure whether this will benefit you, call the salon or drop by for a free consultation and a Stylist will be happy to discuss options with you without bias.

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What makes hair products any different?

This question is regularly asked. Before providing a detailed answer I would hasten to ask yourself ‘why?’ you would feel the need to invest in something ‘better’. 

‘Good’ shampoos and conditioners don’t necessarily fall into a particular price bracket, therefore the purpose of your hair products will dictate your minimum spend. After all, your own opinion and level of success will product will determine ‘good’ from ‘bad’.

For example, if you have, say, fine hair that doesn’t require frequent washes, it’s entirely virgin hair (no hair colour) and is generally in good condition; there is perhaps no value in changing your hair routine. In essence any supermarket can stock an appropriate shampoo at an affordable cost in this scenario.

Conversely ask yourself; is your present hair routine causing your hair colour to fade, dryness, irritable scalp or simply isn’t doing the job that you require of your shampoos and conditioners? If this sounds accurate, either a change in hair products OR improving the general quality of product is necessary.


So what is the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ products?

Your supermarket brands will serve a purpose to a point. However, if you are looking for better results generally speaking (not always), you will get what you pay for. Often your ‘cheaper’ shampoos will contain formulas that give an artificial shine when you first wash your hair. Additionally those nasty ingredients (foaming agents) are a typical addition that have a tendency to strip hair colour or coat the hair to offer a shorter-term finish.

These things combined do have a tendency to dry hair quicker but also, even in the event of branding as colour specific don’t necessarily protect your hair as well as you may believe.

Consider the times you have personally or someone you know has left a salon with a real shine to their hair, yet days or weeks after that beautiful finish has diminished. That duller appearance can often be attributed to a poor selection of hair products.

What should I look to spend on shampoos and conditioners?

That depends on the above. What is your goal? What condition is your hair currently? Are you paying a premium for hair colour? And most importantly; are you currently satisfied?

Simply put, if you are happy right now why would you bother changing? You can likely improve your results however if you are satisfied, don’t!

That being said if you seek improved results you can invest moderately or heavily in just about every product with a mixed set of results. Our JOICO range of shampoos from roughly £14 – £19 a bottle, with travel sized bottles priced closer to the £6 bracket.

Most vitally however, less product is required to achieve a similar result with the JOICO range so whilst you may spend more upfront, you may find a JOICO bottle will have a far greater lifespan than the average bottle.

Hair Consultation

On reflection do you think you may need to invest in hair products? Let us know.

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