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A Guide To The Best Men's Haircuts For Receding Hair

At our Abingdon Hairdressers, we understand that hair loss and receding hairlines can be a concern for many men. However, there are plenty of cutting and styling techniques that can help you embrace your unique look with confidence. Whether you want to add fullness to your hair or find a style that complements your receding hairline, our skilled stylists are here to guide you. Let’s explore some helpful tips for cutting and styling receding hair.

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Our Top Tips for Receding Hair

  1. Embrace the Right Haircut: Choosing the right haircut is crucial in managing receding hair. Shorter haircuts, such as buzz cuts, crew cuts, or textured crops, can create the appearance of thicker hair and draw attention away from the hairline. Avoid styles with sharp lines that highlight the receding areas.

  2. Add Texture: Opt for haircuts with added texture, as it can create the illusion of volume and fullness. Textured hairstyles, like messy crops or layered cuts, can make your hair look thicker and more dynamic.

  3. Consider a Side Part: A side part can work wonders in concealing a receding hairline. The asymmetry distracts from the hairline and adds a sense of balance to your overall look.

  4. Embrace Facial Hair: Styling facial hair can complement a receding hairline and draw attention to your facial features. A well-groomed beard or stubble can add masculinity and character to your appearance.

  5. Use the Right Products: Invest in high-quality hair products, like volumizing shampoos, styling mousses, and texturising sprays. These products can give your hair added lift and hold, making it easier to achieve your desired style.

  6. Work with Your Hair Type: Consider your hair’s natural texture when choosing a haircut and style. Work with your hair type rather than against it, as this will make styling more manageable and enhance the overall look.

  7. Consult with a Professional: At our Abingdon Hairdressers, our experienced stylists can provide personalised advice on the best haircuts and styling techniques for your specific hairline and face shape. A consultation with our experts will help you achieve a look that suits you best.


Receding hairlines don’t have to limit your style options. With the right haircut, styling techniques, and a touch of confidence, you can rock a look that reflects your individuality and complements your unique features. At our Abingdon Hairdressers, we believe that every man should feel confident in his appearance. Book a consultation with our talented stylists today and let us help you embrace your style and create a look that’s uniquely you.

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