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Why are curly haircuts so different?

Curly hair is different to straight or wavy textured hair. It typically takes on more responsibility to maintain, style, detangle, wash, dry and most importantly, cut! It’s not all bad. Curly hair doesn’t need to be such a chore! At Wisteria Avenue, we understand that each curl type requires a distinct approach when it comes to haircuts and hair care. Let’s delve into why curly haircuts are different and the tailored methods we employ to ensure your curls shine.

If you’re interested in a curly haircut, visit our curly haircut service page for more advice and further inspiration. Alternatively, if your hair is unmanageable our in-salon frizz-free hair treatment might be able to support your curly hair journey.

Why is curly cutting different?

Understanding Curl Types: Curly hair is a spectrum, ranging from loose, beachy waves to tightly coiled ringlets. It’s imperative to identify your specific curl pattern, as this informs the haircut technique that will best enhance your natural texture. 

In plain English, this means that your curl texture defines the method for cutting. To further complicate the cut, certain curly hair carries multiple curl patterns! So the type of cut designated for curly hair isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, the cut is tailored to the curl type.

Loose waves can sometimes benefit from layered cuts that add movement and volume. On the other hand, tight curls might necessitate precise cutting to maintain their shape ensuring the curl doesn’t buckle. By understanding the unique characteristics of your curls, the haircut can customised to benefit your individuality.

Precision is Key: Unlike straight hair, where minor discrepancies in cutting may not be immediately noticeable, curly hair requires meticulous precision. Even a fraction of an inch can drastically alter the look and feel of your curls. Our stylists at Wisteria Avenue employ a measured approach, taking into account the spring factor of each curl to achieve an even, balanced cut.

Embracing Natural Texture: A curly cut should enhance your hair’s natural texture rather than trying to force it into a mould it wasn’t meant to fit. Our Stylists are adept at bringing out the best in each curl, whether that be a looser wave or the tightest curl. Through careful cutting and shaping, we accentuate the beauty that’s already present in your curls.

Love Your Curls!: A well-executed curly haircut at Wisteria Avenue means that your curls will look great not only on the day of the cut but for weeks to come. Our techniques ensure that your curls maintain their shape as they grow out, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your new cut for an extended period.

Celebrate the unique beauty of your curls and let them work for you.


Let Your Curls Shine!

Achieving the perfect curly haircut requires an understanding of curl types, precision cutting techniques, and a commitment to embracing natural texture. At Wisteria Avenue, we specialise in creating personalised, transformative curly haircuts that celebrate the unique beauty of each curl pattern.

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Trust our expert stylists to deliver a curly haircut that not only looks amazing on the day but continues to dazzle as your curls grow. Discover the true potential of your natural texture at Wisteria Avenue.

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