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Can Hair Extensions Be Dyed?

We are regularly asked by clients looking for hair extensions asking whether they can be coloured or bleached. The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think.

While it is technically possible to dye hair extensions, there are several important reasons why we, along with many other salons, do not recommend or offer this service. Understanding these reasons can help you make an informed decision about your hair care. We spoke to our in-house Hair Extensions Specialist in our Abingdon hairdressers the pros, cons and everything in-between.

What Are The Risks When Colouring Hair Extensions?

Liability and Costs


One of the most important reasons salons like Wisteria Avenue do not dye or bleach hair extensions is the potential for something to go wrong which is outside of your Stylists control.

By this, when your colour the clients hair your Stylist can say with some confidence what they anticipate the result will be and how your hair type will respond to certain products, hair colours and bleaches. The same to an  extent can be said for hair extensions, however if the client doesn’t like the end result or the hair extensions are left ‘damaged’, whether factual or not, hair extensions are expensive. A client may argue that the cost of hair extensions and refitting must be covered. Whether a genuine complaint or not, it leaves your Hair Stylist or hair salon in a difficult spot and powerless.

This cost can quickly exceed the price of the original colour appointment. Additionally, most salon insurance policies do not cover the cost of replacing hair extensions, leaving the salon financially vulnerable.

Unpredictable Results


Unlike natural hair, extensions can react differently to hair dyes and bleaches resulting in uneven colour, unexpected shades, or even damage to the extensions.

  1. It’s commonplace hair extensions have already undergone some form of chemical treatment to ensure longevity. This can negatively influence how colours and bleaches behave when applied to hair extensions.
  2. Extensions are not always from the same source meaning the hair may carry with it subtle differences which to the naked eye won’t be detected. 
  3. Just as importantly, the timeframe for which colour will be at its most vibrant and fullest may often be much shorter when applied to hair extensions. This means the colour might fade faster or require more frequent touch-ups.

Quality and Integrity of Extensions


Dyeing or bleaching hair extensions can in some cases compromise the integrity of the extensions. This is the primary factor as to why a hair salon may likely avoid the opportunity to colour of dye your hair extensions.

Still Looking for Colour?

Still looking for colour within your hair extensions? There are some alternative options with far fewer downsides. When applying hair extensions, gone are the days where you may opt for one single shade. Many clients opt for two, even three colours in order to blend out existing highlights, create new highlights or for a balayage-style effect.


In our view, dyeing, colouring or bleaching hair extensions isn’t worthwhile, nor is it likely something your local hairdressers will be comfortable doing. That being said, there are some more appealing options which allow clients to tailor their hair to suit their needs! Whether it’s darker pieces, lighter pieces or a bit of a mixture, there are plenty of options to create your desired effect.

The primary concern should always be the integrity of your hair extensions and therefore we recommend exploring alternative solutions whether introducing different shades or creating the effect using your new extensions rather colouring over existing ones.

For more information or to book a consultation, visit Wisteria Avenue in Abingdon. Let us help you achieve beautiful, vibrant hair with the right extensions for you.

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