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What does brassy hair mean?

Brassy hair, a common concern among people with blonde or lightened hair, refers to an undesirable tone often characterised by warm hues like orange or yellow. These tones can emerge after lightening processes, leaving the hair lacking its desired cool or neutral shades, resulting in a brassy appearance.

What causes brassy hair?

Brassy hair can be attributed to various factors. Exposure to sunlight, chlorine from swimming pools, and the use of harsh shampoos can contribute to this issue. However, the primary cause often lies in the lightening or bleaching process. When hair is lightened, underlying pigments are exposed, leading to an imbalance of tones and the emergence of brassy hues. Equally, once toners fade if applied, this can leave the hair with a brassy appearance.

Identifying Brassy Hair

Brassy hair is relatively easy to detect. Look for warm tones such as orange or yellow, which are especially noticeable in blonde or lightened hair. These tones indicate an imbalance and lack of desired cool or neutral shades, resulting in an off-colour appearance.

What to do if you have brassy hair

Combatting brassy tones typically involves the use of toning products and treatments. Purple or blue shampoos and toners work to neutralise unwanted hues, restoring the hair’s natural shade. Seeking advice from a professional stylist is recommended to find suitable treatments.

What can a toner do to help me?

A toner plays a pivotal role in neutralising unwanted undertones in hair. It functions by counteracting brassiness, often associated with blonde or lightened hair, by depositing pigments that offset warm hues. Toners are versatile and can be tailored to different hair shades, aiding in achieving the desired cool or neutral tones. They work effectively to restore hair colour balance after lightening processes.

What will a purple shampoo do to help me?

Purple shampoos serve as a valuable solution to combat brassy or yellow tones in blonde or lightened hair. These shampoos contain purple pigments that better neutralise brassy hues. When used regularly, they help to counterbalance warm tones, maintaining or restoring the desired cool or ashy shades. By gently cleansing while depositing violet hues, purple shampoos aid in neutralising brassiness and revitalising the hair’s colour.

What can I do if toners or purple shampoo's can't help me?

If toners or purple shampoos do not effectively eliminate brassy tones, seeking professional guidance from a skilled hairstylist or colorist is recommended. Professional treatments such as corrective colour services or additional toning techniques might be necessary. These experts can analyse the hair’s condition, offer tailored solutions, and employ advanced methods to address persistent brassy tones.


Brassy hair concerns are commonly addressed through the use of toners and purple shampoos. However, if these solutions prove ineffective, consulting with a qualified hairstylist is essential. Their expertise and access to advanced treatments will provide personalised solutions, ensuring the restoration of the desired hair colour and tone.

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