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Curly Gents Haircuts

At Wisteria Avenue, we understand that curly hair isn’t just a hairstyle; it’s a statement of individuality. Curly hair is unique, versatile, and captivating, and our Abingdon hairdressers are here to help you embrace its full potential with our specially tailored curly gents haircuts.

If you need more inspiration on haircuts and styles, visit our gents haircut service page. We also offer mens perms. For more information, visit our gents perms service page.

Curly Hair Specialists

Curly hair requires a unique approach, and our team of expert stylists specialise in crafting cuts that enhance your natural curls. Whether you have loose waves, tight coils, or anything in between, we’ve got the expertise to bring out the best in your curly locks.

The Perfect Cut for Every Curl Type

We believe that every curl is unique, and we’ll work closely with you to choose the perfect curly gents haircut that complements your curl pattern and face shape. Our selection includes:

  1. Classic Curls: This timeless style accentuates your curls, giving them definition and character.

  2. Modern Textured Cuts: For a contemporary edge, try our textured cuts that add depth and dimension to your curly hair.

  3. Short and Sharp: A neat and well-groomed short style that emphasises your curls with precision.

  4. Long and Luscious: Our long curly cuts enhance the flow and volume of your hair while ensuring manageability.


Our commitment to excellence goes beyond the cut. We’ll provide you with valuable tips and advice on how to maintain and style your curly hair at home. Learn about the right products and techniques to keep your curls looking their best between visits.

Experience the Difference

At Wisteria Avenue, we offer more than just a haircut; we provide an experience. Our salon is designed to be a relaxing, welcoming space where you can unwind and enjoy top-notch service.

Book Your Curly Gents Haircut Today

Ready to discover the full potential of your curls? Book your appointment with our Abingdon hairdressers at Wisteria Avenue today. It’s time to embrace your unique style and stride confidently with your curly gents haircut.

You can reach us at 01235 534705 or conveniently book online. Join us at Wisteria Avenue and let your curly hair shine.

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