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What is a Colour Correction?

We’ve all encountered that moment – the impulsive decision to experiment with a new hair colour. Instead of heading to the salon, we opt for a DIY solution, convinced that it’s a simple task. After all, it’s a cost-saving venture, right?

However, this decision occasionally results in a desperate need for hair colour correction, a scenario not uncommon in Abingdon. The shade might turn out too dark, too light, or, in some cases, an entirely different colour due to a mix-up in the product used.

If you are looking to work towards a particular type of hair colour, visit our balayage service page or highlights service page for more inspiration!

Hair Colour Correction in Abingdon

The necessity for hair colour correction arises when a hair colouring attempt goes awry, typically from using a box dye at home or an inexperienced stylist experimenting with something new. Correcting the error might involve a single or multiple steps, depending on the complexity of the mistake.

At our salon in Abingdon, we have dealt with various hair colour correction cases. There’s no need for embarrassment; it’s a common issue and seeking professional assistance is crucial. Attempting to rectify the problem yourself might exacerbate the situation and cause further damage to your hair.

Our priority is to preserve your hair while guiding you towards the desired colour. Often, we work towards a transitional shade initially, ensuring you’re comfortable before progressing to the intended hue. Subsequent appointments are scheduled to achieve the final desired result.

Timeframe for Colour Correction

Pinpointing the exact duration for a hair colour correction appointment is challenging. The timeframe depends on your hair’s original condition and colour, the present shade, and the desired outcome. In most scenarios, these corrections can span a few hours or require a more extended session or multiple visits over several weeks.

Should you use a professional?

If you’re contemplating a DIY hair colouring session to cut costs, it might be prudent to reconsider. Engaging a professional hair colourist could prove more cost-effective in the long run, especially for significant colour changes.

Professional Hair Colour Journey

Choosing to book an appointment with a professional colourist not only ensures a more desirable outcome but also safeguards the health of your hair. A knowledgeable colourist will guide you through the process, providing expert advice and taking steps to maintain the integrity of your hair.

By seeking professional help, you’ll not only avoid potential hair disasters but also achieve the desired hair colour more efficiently, ultimately saving time and resources.


In conclusion, hair colour correction is a transformative process that rectifies unexpected colour results, whether from home dyeing or professional mishaps. Understanding the complexities involved in rectifying hair colour gone wrong is crucial. Seeking professional assistance, rather than attempting self-correction, is advisable to prevent potential damage and achieve the desired results safely. The duration of correction varies based on individual hair conditions and the extent of the colour issue. Trusting experienced stylists to navigate this journey ensures not only a pleasing end result but also the preservation of hair health. Embracing the professional guidance offered by skilled colourists will guarantee a tailored approach, providing solutions to undo the unwanted and revitalise hair with the perfect hue.

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