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There are so many techniques to lighten hair! What do they all mean?

When it comes to lightening hair, the world of hairdressing offers a lot of techniques which can become both confusing and intimidating when when trying to achieve your desired look. At Wisteria Avenue in Abingdon, we specialise in a range of methods, each tailored to create stunning, personalised results. But what do all these techniques mean, and how do they differ? Let’s unravel the magic behind some popular hair lightening methods.

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What are my options to lighten my hair?

1. Scalp Bleach: Scalp bleach, also known as full bleach, is a comprehensive technique that involves applying a bleach directly to the scalp to cover every strand of hair from root to ends of hair. This method is ideal for achieving a dramatic, all-over lightening effect, transforming dark hair into a canvas for vivid colours or lighter blonders.

2. Balayage: Balayage, a French term meaning “to sweep,” is a freehand technique that creates soft, natural-looking highlights. It involves painting onto the hair’s surface, allowing for a seamless transition from the roots to the tips. Balayage imparts a sun-kissed, effortlessly radiant appearance from (roughly) the top of the ear.

3. Ombre: Ombre is a gradient technique that starts with a darker colour at the roots and gradually fades into a lighter shade towards the ends. It’s very similar in appearance to a balayage, differing only by a much more striking appearance. This style offers much more a bold contrast between the roots and tips, resulting in a dynamic, fashion-forward look.

4. Foilayage: Foilayage combines the principles of balayage with the controlled application of foils. This method provides precise placement of colour, ensuring maximum lift and a beautifully blended transition from dark to light.

5. Highlights: Highlighting involves strategically lightening specific sections of the hair from your roots to the ends of your hair to create dimension and depth. Whether subtle or bold, highlights can be customised to suit individual preferences and complement natural skin tones. This is more noticeable than a balayage, foilayage and ombre given the overall lightness.

6. Babylights: Babylights are fine, delicate highlights that mimic the natural, sun-kissed effect seen in children’s hair. These ultra-fine strands of colour add a soft, luminous touch, creating a youthful and radiant appearance.


At Wisteria Avenue in Abingdon, our experienced stylists are adept at employing these techniques to achieve a range of stunning lightening effects. Whether you’re seeking a transformative full bleach, sun-kissed balayage, or a bold ombre, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Experience the artistry of lightening techniques at Wisteria Avenue, where every style is a masterpiece. Book your appointment today and let us illuminate your hair with the magic of professional lightening.

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