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Can I Switch From Highlights to Balayage?

Are you considering a change from traditional highlights to the trendy, lower maintenance balayage? This transformation is not only possible but also a popular choice for many seeking a more natural, sun-kissed look without the hassle of frequent appointments.

Highlights and balayage differ significantly in application and outcome. Highlights, often applied uniformly throughout the hair, create a more defined and structured appearance. On the other hand, balayage offers a softer, more natural-looking effect, with hand-painted highlights strategically placed to mimic the sun’s natural highlights.

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How Can I transition?

Making the transition from highlights to balayage isn’t just about changing your hair colour—it’s about achieving a new style that complements your features and lifestyle. Consultation with a professional stylist is crucial to discuss your expectations, assess your hair’s condition, and determine the best approach for the transition.

During the transition process, your stylist may employ various techniques, gradually blending the existing highlights with carefully placed balayage strokes. This method ensures a seamless transition, avoiding stark contrasts while achieving a harmonious, blended look.

One of the key benefits of switching to balayage is its lower maintenance compared to traditional highlights. Balayage allows for longer intervals between salon visits, as the colour grows out more naturally, creating a graceful and effortless transition.

Moreover, balayage is incredibly versatile. Whether you prefer a subtle, sun-kissed effect or a bolder, more dramatic look, balayage can be tailored to suit your preferences. The technique accommodates various hair lengths, textures, and shades, making it a flexible choice for those seeking a personalised and chic appearance.

However, it’s essential to note that transitioning from highlights to balayage might require multiple salon visits, depending on your current hair colour and desired outcome. Patience and realistic expectations are key during this process.

Method 1: Grown-Out Highlights Transition

If you have grown-out highlights, transitioning to balayage becomes simpler. Your stylist can seamlessly blend the existing highlights into a balayage effect by strategically hand-painting lighter pieces on the mid-lengths and ends. This method focuses on creating a natural and effortless transition, allowing the grown-out highlights to integrate harmoniously into the balayage style.

Method 2: Highlights Close to the Roots

When your existing highlights are closer to the root area, achieving the balayage look requires a different approach. In this scenario, your stylist may apply a darker colour from the root area and in some cases embracing the already lighter sections of hair to create a balayage from existing highlights. This darker colour provides a foundation for blending the highlights into a more natural, balayage-inspired colour.

The darker colour helps to soften the contrast between the highlighted sections and the natural roots, creating a smoother transition to the balayage style. By strategically applying the darker colour near the roots and then hand-painting between existing ligher pieces towards the ends, the stylist can achieve a seamless, multi-dimensional balayage effect.

Throughout the transition process, consultations with your stylist are crucial. These discussions allow you to communicate your preferences and expectations while enabling the stylist to assess your hair condition and recommend the best approach for achieving your desired balayage look.


Maintaining your balayage is relatively straightforward. Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to preserve the color’s vibrancy and invest in quality hair care products recommended by your stylist to keep your locks healthy and luminous between salon appointments.

In conclusion, transitioning from highlights to balayage is indeed possible and can be a refreshing change. It offers a natural, lived-in look with effortless elegance and reduced upkeep. Trusting your stylist’s expertise and maintaining proper hair care practices will ensure a smooth and successful transition to beautiful, sun-kissed balayage locks.

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