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Thinking about highlights? Open communication and transparency is absolutely key.

Do you want your hair to whisper or shout!? Tell your Stylist exactly what you seek (and don’t forget to be specific, every detail helps!). During your appointment it helps to bring photos for inspiration, Pinterest imagery or even magazines!

Highlights help to lift the hair, whereas lowlights do the opposite. Traditional highlights are when sections of hair are lightened from the root through to the ends leaving some natural hair in between.

Highlights can come in a variety of hair styles, particularly when match with the perfect hair cut. Our Stylists advise booking a free consultation at our Abingdon hair salon. Booking an hair appoint in our Abingdon hairdressers is easier than ever with our online booking platform. Click here to book online or call 01235 534705 to speak to a Stylist.

The best hair colour in Abingdon at Wisteria Avenue Hairdressers

Highlights in its simplest form is when your Hair Stylist lightens your hair. Lightening your hair colour by a base or two is fairly protective of your hair, doesn’t create too many issues and offers a great option if you are look for a change!

Our Hair Stylists strongly recommend bouncing ideas back and forth before committing to highlights. You have plenty of options after all! How many sections of your hair you choose to highlight largely dictates the feel of your hair therefore it’s worth considering how much of a change your really want.

Highlights are creating by using foils (irrespective whether you opt for a full head or a half head). The hair colour is ‘painted’, small sections of the hair are woven and then the colour is added.

Top Tip: If you are looking to move towards a more natural feel, work with your Colourist to colour the mid-section ends of your hair. Highlights are often misconceived as only for clients with blonde hair, however don’t be fooled! Any hair colour that is being lightened can benefit from hightlights. For example if your hair is dark brown and you add golden brown hair strands, that’s still a form of highlighting.

Booking a hair colour consultation in our Abingdon hair salon

Finally ready for adopt a new hair trend? Highlights are timeless. Ready for a change? Call our Abingdon hairdressers on 01235 534705 or book a hair appointment online, here.

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