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Male Hairstyles at Wisteria Avenue Hairdressers in Abingdon

At Wisteria Avenue, one of the best hair salons in Abingdon we offer gents cuts, beard trims, dry cuts and wash and cut options. Going to the salon is the best opportunity a gent can have if the quality is important to you. Hair salons in Abingdon like ours, you don’t necessarily need to spend big in order to achieve a quality finish either.

Hairstylists don’t focus on specific haircuts meaning your hair cut is more tailored to your requirements. Instead, Hairdressers spend more time creating fresh and authentic hair for their clients’ hair.

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What should I ask for?

When visiting a local salon in Abingdon, consider the questions that spring to mind before you receive a hair cut. As a top salon in Abingdon, a good and maintainable style of men’s hair is achievable if the Stylist understands the type of haircut that you are looking for.

In order to receive the best haircut, it’s important that you understand the correct terminology. If you remain unsure, your Hairdresser will be knowledgeable enough to work with your ideas to craft gents hair to your desired style.

When to Go to a Barber 

The best choice is a barber if you’re looking for a short, traditional stylehaircut such as a buzzcut, flattop, fade, or military-style cut. Barbers will ask you how you want your hair cut and do what you ask, normally without much feedback. Most barbers are cheaper than stylists, so you can save a bit of money going to a good barber, if that’s a priority for you. A haircut you get from a barber will be simple and easy to maintain and won’t require a lot of styling product. If that’s you, a barber is the right fit. If you want a shave, you can only get that at a barbershop. Many upscale barbershops offer hot lather face shaves, which are a real treat. 


When to Go to a Salon Stylist

If you’re going longer, you will likely be happier with a salon cut. Stylistsgenerally have more experience cutting and styling longer hair. Ditto if you want color: Most barbers do not do a lot of color services, so you’ll likely get better results from a stylist who is more knowledgeable. If you want a more trendy, fashion-forward cut, a stylist is usually more aware of current trends than a barber. If you want a new style, a stylist can make suggestions for a style that will flatter your features better.


You’ll also find an array of products in a salon that you won’t find in a barbershop, and your stylist can suggest the right one for you and how to use it.  

Barbers or a Hairdressers: What’s the Difference?

Simply put Barbers and Hairdressers are trained to cut hair differently. Whilst each are generally capable of doing both; Barbers are typically trained to cut shorter haircuts for men. Conversely salon trained Hair Stylists are adept at all lengths of hair, in particular longer, fuller men’s styles.

Another point of difference being that a barber is likely to opt for clippers for a shorter cut whereas a Salon Stylist has received more training in the art of styling hair with scissors to create a more skilled and accurate cut.

Should I Visit a Barbers? 

If you are used to having short hair that doesn’t require much styling (something like a buzz cut, flattop, fade or a military cut; i.e. something easily maintainable), a Barber can achieve this cost effectively.

Generally speaking Barbers will ask you how you would like your hair cut without too much feedback. Barbers are generally cheaper than stylists too, so you can save a bit of money if you seek something fairly simplistic. In addition. If you aren’t too concerned by styling, and you seek shorter hair then a Barber is often a sound option, particularly if you want a shave.


Should I Visit a Salon Stylist?

If you prefer a scissor cut you will likely be happier with visiting a hair salon. Hair Stylists are trained and have more exposure to cutting and styling longer hair. Often by virtue that a Salon Stylist will understand hair colour, they will have a sound grasp of the Science behind your hair and awareness of trends to ensure that if you have a question or seek a detailed consultation, they can help, guide and advise on the most appropriate cut, more so than a Barber.

In anticipation of a haircut in a salon, you may too benefit from an array of appropriate hair products for which may likely be unavailable in a barbershop. Stylists generally have knowledge and can make recommendations based on your hair and lifestyle to maximise your appearance aligned with your professional, social or lifestyle requirements.

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