Tint Hair Colour at Wisteria Avenue Hairdressers in Abingdon

Two of the most popular hair colour services in our Abingdon salon are all over colors and highlights.

As hair colour experts in Abingdon, both all over colours and highlights are clear winners if you are concerned by greys in the case of highlights or in the case of greys, our stylists generally opt for an all over colour in the event of more than 30% grey coverage particularly on short hair.

The clear winner for us is an all over colour. If your hair is short, you have more than 30% greys, you suit warm or even vibrant colours and you are sporting a cut for which can pull off a style like this; we would strongly recommend an all over colour.

Our Stylists recommend a free hair consultation to discuss your hair colour requirements. Call 01235 534705 or book your next hair appointment online and one of our Stylists will call your back to book your consultation in advance of your colour booking.

All Over Colour / Full Head Tint


Hair Colour Consultation

Our Hair Stylists recommend booking a free colour consultation to coincide with any colour appointment. If you would like to discuss your options prior to your skin test we would love to hear from you!

For the latest hairdressing offers, salon deals, hair discounts and more, visit our offers page for our Abingdon salon; here. Alternatively call 01235 534705 or book online here.


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