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Lowlights at Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon in Abingdon

Balayage, ombre, tint,  highlights, lowlights… Do your hair colour options often feel overwhelming with trendy hair techniques, hair styles and hair colour? Hair colour needn’t be difficult to grasp. Despite the names (ombre, balayage, highlights, tints, lowlights) often not giving any indication as to what they actually look like, our Abingdon hair salon is here to guide you through the minefield that is hairdressing and hair colour!

If you are wondering what highlights are, check out our page on highlights, here. in summary both highlights and lowlights are very similar in terms of application.

Lowlights offer some amazing depth, dimension and movement to your already luscious hair. Lowlights are different from highlights, they aren’t in any way designed to feel streaky nor like stripes! If you think of highlights as one form of hair colour technique going one way, lowlights go the other way.

The application of lowlights ensures that sections of hair are coloured darker than your base hair colour whilst adding noticeable depth to your hair. Lowlights aim to add depth. Our Hairdressers in Abingdon recommend clients who have opted for highlights historically and want a change of direction to some of their lightened hair strands.

The best hair colour in Abingdon at Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon

Open to a change? Need a new Hair Stylist with fresh impetus and a new hair style or hair cut to match? Let our hairdressers in Abingdon help with your next restyle. Our Stylists are always on top with all the latest hair cutting trends and are able to keep up to date with the latest hair cutting styles! So why not speak to Wisteria Avenue hairdressers in Abingdon to help inspire you with their professional hair cutting ideas.

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Ready for a change? Lowlights are a great option particularly for clients with highlights. Call our Abingdon hairdressers on 01235 534705 or book a hair appointment online, here.

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