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Brunette Hair Ideas

The Best Hair Salon Colour Ideas at Wisteria Avenue Hairdressing, Abingdon

Transforming your brunette hair using the best hair colour matched with the best hairdressers can prove a perfect mix. Brunette hair offers plenty of options; luckily clients sporting brunette hair strike lucky by virtue that inspiration isn’t hard to come by!
Highlights, balayages, ombres, tints or creative colours; there are significant options and different hair colours and hair styling options to maximise and harness your brunette hair colour options.
If you are considering a change to your brunette hair? We offer free consultations to our clients seeking a change. Call 01235 534705 or book a colour appointment online, here.

Golden Brown Hair Colour

Golden brown hair colour is a warm shade that works perfectly on clients with peach or golden skin. The combination of dark golden blonde highlights as a set of highlights or balayage to existing golden brown hair is a perfect combination! 

Chocolate Hair Colour

Dark Chocolate hair colour offers a sophisticated and professional visual hair colour. If maintained and well looked after, this luxurious hair colour compliments an olive skin complexion perfectly.

Light Ash Brown Hair Colour

Light Ash Brown hair colour is natural, elegant and alluring particularly if your complexion if fair. Light Ash Brown hair colour is equally ideal if you don’t want to see any red or gold  in your hair colour. The addition of cool highlights for a sophisticated edge is always welcome, particularly if your base colour is lighter.

Sun Kissed Brown Hair Colour

Sun Kissed hair colour is just that; the look as if your hair colour has been naturally bleached by the summer sun! Sun kissed brown hair colour in particular is highlighted in the areas as if the sun has naturally lightened your hair. Sun kissed hair in the form of highlights or lightened ends on a balayage using warmer or lighter tones.

Dark Brown Copper Hair Colour

Dark Brown Copper hair colour is a rich shade of brown, appropriate in a professional setting or socially when paired when a modern hair cut, particularly long hair. brunette shade.

Caramel Hair Colour

Caramel hair colour is a light, golden shade ideal for clients with a naturally darker root colours. It’s a great colour to highlight ends as part of a balayage, ombre or as a set of highlights.

If you are a brunette looking for a change, a colour change in our Abingdon Hair Salon could be the answer. BalayageOmbre, Highlights and Full Head Tints are popular options for brunettes. Call 01235 534705 to speak to Hair Stylist or book using our online tool, here.