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Mens Short Haircuts in Abingdon

At Wisteria Avenue, our skilled team understands the artistry of men’s hairstyles, particularly the versatility of a short haircuts. From sophistication to edgy, we cater to all cuts.

Whether you’re after a classic crop, textured crew cut, or a trendy fade, our experienced barbers and stylists specialise in crafting sharp and tailored looks to suit every individual. With meticulous attention to detail and a keen understanding of modern trends, we aim to deliver impeccable short hairstyles that exude confidence and style.

Visit our salon to explore a range of options and let our professionals create a tailored short haircut that accentuates your features and suits your lifestyle.


Mens Short Haircut Options

Some popular options for men’s short haircuts include:

  1. Crew Cut: A classic style with short sides and a slightly longer length on top, often textured or faded.
  2. Buzz Cut: A very short cut achieved with clippers, maintaining an even length all around the head.
  3. Fade Cut: A gradual fade from short to long hair, typically seen on the sides and back, with various fade lengths.
  4. Undercut: Short sides and back with longer hair on top, offering versatility in styling.
  5. Textured Crop: A contemporary style with short, textured layers, offering a textured and easy-to-manage look.
  6. French Crop: Short on the sides and back with a longer, blunt fringe in the front, styled forward or to the side.
  7. High and Tight: Very short sides and back with slightly more length on top, providing a clean, military-inspired appearance.
  8. Ivy League: Similar to a crew cut, but slightly longer on top, often styled neatly to one side.

These styles offer diverse options for men seeking short haircuts, catering to various preferences, face shapes, and styling requirements.

Why are mens short haircuts so popular in a salon?

Men’s short haircuts are a salon favorite for several reasons. Primarily, these cuts are versatile and relatively easy to achieve, making them a go-to choice for many. The key lies in understanding individual face shapes and tailoring the style accordingly, ensuring a flattering look for each client. Besides, short styles often require less maintenance than longer cuts, offering convenience in day-to-day grooming. The adaptability of short hairstyles allows for various textures, fades, and lengths, enabling men to personalise their look. Additionally, their practicality and ability to suit different lifestyles contribute to their enduring popularity in salons. Overall, their simplicity in styling and the potential to complement diverse facial structures make short haircuts a preferred choice for many men seeking both style and convenience.

What is the difference between a short haircut in a salon versus a barbers?

The distinction between a short haircut in a salon versus a barbershop lies in the expertise and approach of the professionals. Generally, barbers specialise in traditional men’s grooming, classic cuts, fades, and buzz styles, often with the use of clippers. They usually have a strong foundation in these specific styles and techniques.

On the other hand, salons typically offer a broader range of services, including short haircuts whilst utilising different tools to the benefit of the delivery of the haircut. Hairstylists in salons are trained in various cutting methods, including scissor and clipper cuts, and may have expertise in both men’s and women’s hairstyles. Salons might focus more on trendier or contemporary styles, providing a wider range of haircut options that may involve more texture, layering, and styling techniques.

The choice between a salon and a barbershop for a short haircut often depends on personal preference regarding style, the complexity of the cut desired, and the specific expertise of the professionals at each establishment.

What is the downside to a mens short haircut in salon?

Most men visit a barbershop, so a change of scenery might be daunting given the experience of a barbers is less about experience and more convenience. 

Moreover, the cost of getting a short haircut at a salon could be perceived as a downside by some, as salon prices can vary, and certain salons might charge more for their services compared to barbershops.

How much does a mens short haircut in a hairdressers costs?

The average cost of a men’s short haircut at a hairdresser’s salon in Abingdon typically ranges from £20 to £40. However, prices may vary based on several factors, such as the salon’s reputation, the stylist’s experience, the complexity of the haircut, and the location. It’s essential to consider that certain salons might charge more for their services based on their expertise and the level of service offered.

How does a gents salon short haircut experience work differently?

The experience of getting a short haircut at a gents salon often involves a more tailored and nuanced approach compared to Abingdon barbers. Salons generally specialise in haircutting therefore offering a focused and detailed service. The difference lies in the expertise of the stylists, who are trained to understand the unique needs of men’s haircuts and styles. They can provide more personalised recommendations based on face shape, hair texture, and individual preferences. The attention to detail, precision, and expertise in men’s haircutting and styling distinguishes the experience of a gents salon from more traditional barbers.

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Making appointments for men’s haircuts at Wisteria Avenue is simple and convenient. You have the option to easily book online through www.wisteriaavenue.co.uk/bookings. If you prefer to speak with us directly, you can contact us during our regular operating hours from Tuesday to Saturday by calling 01235 534705 or by sending an email to [email protected].

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At Wisteria Avenue, every appointment includes an in-salon consultation. When scheduling a haircut, our skilled Stylists take the time to comprehend your preferences, concerns, and any specific questions you might have.

Yes, we carry JOICO men’s grooming products in-salon.

A great place to start is what do you like?

Before any appointment, bring in a picture. The picture in most cases is typically either something to aim towards or to take inspiration from.

Often times we aren’t able to deliver exactly the same as a photo (usually it’s dependent on hair length, hair textures/thickness and face shape) in terms of suitability.

That being said, it’s a really great building block. If you’re completely unsure what would work for you and you have struggled for inspiration, our consultation is an option to work through this with you.

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