Strict Policy : Due to timings of certain appointments, we operate a strict cancellation policy to deter customers from cancelling at short notice. A link is present upon clients booking and is deemed to be accepted upon booking an appointment.

Impact of COVID-19 : We hope you understand that as a small business, particularly when considering the impact of COVID-19 we are unable to be flexible on this. We have therefore introduced a cancellation policy to reflect a 72 hour window for cancelling appointments (if cancelling within this window, you will incur a 50% charge on your total appointment cost or 100% of the total cost if cancelling within a 48 hour window. This is non-negotiable). Whilst we do not want to enforce any charges, these impact small businesses and our ability to back fill these appointments is significantly reduced. We as a business cannot afford to extend goodwill to every client that cancels during this time-frame. With everything happening in the current climate, we are unable to survive without your support. We ask that customers new and existing to please respect our policy for this reason.

If we take a deposit from you, a deposit is non-refundable and is in place to secure your first booked appointment (only). Should you seek to reschedule your appointment, this is subject to a secondary deposit. We still reserve the right to charge you for 50% of the original cost of the first appointment (the latter so long as it falls within the 72 hour window) or 100% if cancelled within 48 hours of your appointment. It is the responsibility of the customer to read these terms in advance of any booking to acknowledge these points. In some cases, if we can back fill your appointment with a new booking, we will refund your deposit. This is at the discretion of the salon.

Subsequent cancellations, rescheduling or suspended appointments, now or in the future, refunds, carry overs or goodwill are subject to Wisteria Avenue’s discretion. In the event of a cancellation or rescheduled appointment, we would require a new deposit. If you have paid a deposit in salon, your deposit covers and secures your first booked appointment only. If you plan to reschedule or visit another date upon cancelling your first appointment this shall require a new deposit. At no stage are refunds given on deposits in the event of a cancellation irrespective of when payment is made, nor when any appointment is to take place. Deposits that are taken are non-refundable even outside of the 72 hour window. Planning goes into making these appointments and therefore we are unable to refund these. We ask that clients respect that we are a small business and deposits are inflexible. Whilst on occasion we are able to back fill appointments, in most cases this isn’t possible and often your deposit goes towards covering a staff wage in the event of a cancellation.

Thinking of cancelling? : Please let us know! We get very busy so help us out. Unfortunately whilst we are booked up well in advance, higher than normal number of late cancellations and no-shows hurt small businesses such as ours. We therefore adopt a policy that if cancelling or rescheduling at 72 hours notice, we have no alternative to charge 50% of the total bill. If you opt to cancel at 48 hours notice, we will charge the full cost of your scheduled appointment. Any deposits are non-refundable at any point, including outside of the 72 hour window. 

For any repeat offending, we have no alternative to invoice for the total sum of each appointment with no discounts. Charges are at the discretion of Wisteria Avenue.

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