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Cancellation & Booking Policy

Respect your Stylist : It is important to remind you that it is important to be respectful of staff, be patient and kind. In the event any client uses inappropriate, rude, demeaning or aggressive tone or language, we reserve the right to refuse any client or service. This is at the discretion of the salon and we will not tolerate this under any circumstances.

Strict Policy : Due to timings of certain appointments, we operate a strict cancellation policy to deter customers from cancelling appointments. A link is present upon clients booking and is deemed to be accepted upon booking an appointment.

Post COVID-19 Impact on Small Businesses : With a heavy increase in late cancellations and no-shows, we hope you understand that as a small business we have adopted a strengthened cancellation policy to reflect a seven working day window for cancelling appointments. In 2023, our average rate of cancellations cost the salon on average £3,000 each month. We are a small business and these losses have become unsustainable. We would love to look after every client who needs to cancel, however the volume of cancellations which cannot be backfilled is an issue we have sought to address.

Whilst we do not want to enforce any charges, these impact small businesses and our ability to back fill these appointments is significantly reduced. We are unable to thrive without your support. We ask that customers new and existing to please respect our policy for this reason.

If we take a deposit from you, a deposit is non-refundable and is in place to secure your first booked appointment only. Should you seek to reschedule your appointment, this is subject to a secondary deposit.

In some cases, if we can back fill your appointment with a new booking, we will refund your deposit or appointment cost. This is at the discretion of the salon.

Cancelled appointments will incur a 50% charge on your total appointment cost if cancelled within a seven working day window or 100% of the total cost if cancelling within a 72 hour window.

Subsequent cancellations, rescheduling or suspended appointments, now or in the future, refunds, carry overs or goodwill are subject to Wisteria Avenue’s discretion. In the event of a cancellation or rescheduled appointment, we would require a new deposit. If you have paid a deposit in salon, your deposit covers and secures your first booked appointment only. If you plan to reschedule or visit another date upon cancelling your first appointment this shall require a new deposit. At no stage are refunds given on deposits in the event of a cancellation irrespective of when payment is made, nor when any appointment is to take place. Deposits that are taken are non-refundable even outside of the 96 hour window. Planning goes into making these appointments and therefore we are unable to refund these. We ask that clients respect that we are a small business and our stance on taking deposits remains inflexible. Whilst on occasion we are able to back fill appointments, in most cases this isn’t possible and often your deposit goes towards covering a staff wage in the event of a cancellation.

Thinking of cancelling? : Please let us know! We get very busy so help us out. Unfortunately whilst we are booked up well in advance, higher than normal number of late cancellations and no-shows hurt small businesses such as ours. 

Colour appointments : Colour appointments take on average 10 days to fill (whether cancelled or available). To market a new appointment in the event of a cancellation, schedule a skin test and to await the outcome of a skin test (48 hours) and appointment taking place is usually 10 days. This can vary and is not an exact figure. This is an average over a number of years. Appointments within this window become difficult to fill and in most cases cannot be back-filled.

Special Circumstances : We infrequently run promotions on different appointment types. These come in the form of gift vouchers or promotional vouchers. Any appointments paid for in-part or in-full using a deposit, gift voucher are subject to the same terms.

Any issue with your appointment? : If there is an issue with your appointment please speak to us first. Whilst we hope you are satisfied, in the rare event there is a problem we will do our best to help you.

In most cases problems are solved quickly and fairly. The first step is to speak to you to better understand any concern. If reaching out isn’t helpful, we typically request to look at the concern to to see what the issue is. In some cases, there might be no grounds for the following three options. However if there is a still a problem we are by law required to look at three options. These options are as follows; a full refund, a partial refund or to address the problem. A full refund and a partial refund are at the discretion of the salon and are not a basic expectation. In order to explore any option will depend on the available information to the salon. Usually, we would request clients to schedule a time for a Stylist to take a look at any issue to help answer any questions we might have. If this isn’t achievable, we will do our best to resolve with the information available.

If there is a problem with any of our work and if we are happy to address, this work is still chargeable. In some case we may also seek to offer a partial discount however this is also at the discretion of the salon.

Have you changed your mind? : In some cases clients change their mind at their appointment. This might be a wash, cut and blow dry for a wash and cut. With sufficient notice we can make this change. However if this falls within the previously outlined parameters, this would be considered a cancellation and we will therefore still charge the original total, rather than the revised amount.

Appointments are planned in advance to avoid unnecessary delays, however certain appointment changes prevent other clients from booking in. Please be respectful and if you have changed your mind, please let us know with as much advanced warning as possible.

Complaints : Whilst complaints are rare, these can be made by emailing [email protected]. If there is an issue with your service, we will invite you to visit the salon at a mutually agreeable time to discuss and if necessary remedy the problem.

Any complaint must be seen in person. In the event of a complaint, the salon would need to see the issue in the salon to substantiate the complaint (photos are insufficient and under no circumstances will be accepted if a visit to the salon cannot be agreed).

In the event a fix cannot agreed, a partial or full refund would be agreed.

If you have any questions, please call 01235 534705.

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Opening Hours

Mon: Closed
Tues: 10:00 am – 16:00 pm
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Hair appointments can be made in a number of ways. Online bookings can be found at www.wisteriaavenue.co.uk/bookings

Alternatively if you would prefer to speak with somone, Tuesday to Saturday across our standard opening hours we can be contacted on 01235 534705. Alternatively by email at [email protected]

If you have a WhatsApp account, by creating a contact in your phone and using our landline number 01235 534705 you can send Wisteria Avenue a message about a booking enquiry.

Most broader questions can usually be answered by calling 01235 534705, email or sending a WhatsApp message.

All appointments carry an in-salon consultation at the time of the appointment. For example when booking a haircut, our Stylists work through your likes and dislikes, any questions, their opinion and anything else you would like to discuss.

Typically more detailed hair colour appointment requests are best discussed in person than over the phone. Usually more specific questions about whether something can be achieved or if a certain colour can be done are best answered when all the available information can be worked through. In this case a consultation is valued because hoping to answer any more detailed questions. It’s usually much more helpful for our Stylists to understand your hair history, hair type, what your hair feels like and to offer tailored advice while ensuring you are booking the correct hair appointment.

Yes! We stock JOICO products in salon. 

Some of these products will not be available due to stock levels, however most products can be ordered and available to collect within a few working days.

Wisteria Avenue offer most hair services. These include but are not limited to haircuts, hair colours including highlights, balayages, ombres, tints, scalp bleaches, blow drys, perms, children’s haircuts, barbering, gents haircuts and more.

For further information on our available services, visit our price list.

We occasionally run promotional offers and discounts for select hair colour and haircut services. 

These often carry a timeframe before they are invalid and are at the discretion of the salon.

Usually these do not run across December, however if you are unsure please check with the hair salon before booking.

We do not currently employ any Trainee Hair Stylists.


Wisteria Avenue specialise in curly haircuts and curly hair colours!

More information on curly haircuts can be found here.


At Wisteria Avenue we perform a lot of balayages. As our most popular service, we recognise balayages come in various forms.

For more information on balayages in Abingdon, check our our balayage page for more helpful information.

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