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Welcome to the world of Men’s Scissor Haircuts, where precision meets style for the modern gentleman. Unlike clipper cuts, scissor cuts offer meticulous detail and versatility, providing a tailored look that complements individual hair textures and facial structures.

These cuts by skilled barbers and Hair Stylists focus on using scissors to sculpt and refine hair, allowing for a more nuanced and personalised outcome. Whether aiming for a classic gentleman’s style or a contemporary, trendy look, scissor haircuts offer flexibility to achieve both.

At Wisteria Avenue, our expert barbers pride themselves on delivering flawless scissor haircuts that exude sophistication and personality. Experience the artistry and finesse of scissor cutting, tailored to suit your preferences and enhance your overall style.


Scissor Haircut Options

When it comes to men’s scissor haircut options, the popularity lies in their precision. Scissor cuts offer a refined, bespoke approach that suits various hair textures, lengths, and styles. From classic looks to modern trends, the scissor technique allows barbers or stylists to create more customised cuts that enhance facial features and individual preferences, providing a more tailored appearance compared to clipper cuts.

Why are men's scissor haircuts so popular in a salon?

Men’s scissor haircut options have gained popularity due to their ability to deliver much more sophisticated, tailored styles. These cuts offer meticulous detailing, allowing for precise shaping and texturising, catering to diverse hair types and style preferences. Scissor techniques provide a more personalised touch, making them sought-after for gentlemen desiring polished, refined looks with a touch of individuality.

What is the difference between a scissor haircut in a salon versus a barbers?

The key difference lies in the expertise and styling approaches. While both hair salons and barbershops offer scissor haircuts, barbers often specialise in traditional clipper haircuts, emphasising precise, clean lines and classic styles. Conversely, hair salons may focus on modern trends, delivering scissor cuts with more texturising and layering techniques, catering to a broader range of styles beyond classic barbering.

What is the downside to a mens scissor haircut in salon?

A potential downside to men’s scissor haircuts in a salon could be the cost, as salon services often tend to be comparatively higher than barbershops. Additionally, finding a stylist adept at scissor cutting techniques might be challenging in some salons, impacting the quality of the cut and satisfaction with the final result.

How much does a mens scissor haircut in a hairdressers costs?

The cost of a men’s scissor haircut in a hair salon can vary based on factors such as location, salon reputation, stylist experience, and hair length. On average, prices range from £25 to £80 or more, depending on the intricacy of the cut and the salon’s pricing structure. In 2023 at Wisteria Avenue the typical haircut cost was £33 for gents.

How does a gents salon scissor haircut experience work differently?

Gents salon scissor haircut experiences often offer a more comprehensive consultation process, focusing on understanding individual preferences, lifestyle, and maintenance needs. Stylists in salons might employ more modern cutting techniques, including layering and texturising, aimed at achieving contemporary styles and diverse looks beyond traditional barbering. The salon ambiance may also differ, often offering a more upscale and relaxed environment compared to barbershops.

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For detailed hair colour inquiries, we highly recommend discussing them in person rather than over the phone. In-person consultations provide a comprehensive understanding of your hair history, type, texture, and allow us to address specific queries about achieving certain colors. This approach ensures our Stylists can offer precise, tailored advice, ensuring you book the correct appointment for your needs.

Yes, we carry JOICO products in our salon.

While some items may occasionally be unavailable due to stock levels, most products can be ordered and ready for collection within a few working days.

We do not currently employ any Trainee Hair Stylists.


Our Hair Stylists specialise in simplifying hairdresser jargon into understandable terms. If you’re unsure about what suits you, feel free to ask. We can present visual references, discuss ideas, and during a consultation, we’ll collaboratively find a suitable style.

For detailed information regarding curly haircuts, you can explore more here.

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