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Colour Correction

Colour Corrections can be a staged process or in some cases a one step process to rectify a colour procedure that has led to your hair being damaged in some form. Often dry and damaged hair comes in the form of over bleaching, patchy colour or the hair is now too porous and no longer takes to colour as intended.

At our Abingdon hairdressing salon there are two important areas to consider when a colour correction becomes necessary. Foremost, what is achievable. Can we delivery against your visual expectations alongside considering the impact of the damage against shorter expectations. Secondly, where will this colour correction take me in 12 weeks time?

Colour correction hair colour appointments often require persistence and a plan of action to reap the best rewards. If you are concerned by a colour application and the condition of your hair, we have a number of treatments available and tools to rectify your hair to return it to its former self!

If you would like to visit our Abingdon hairdressing salon, one of our Stylists would be happy to help. Call 01235 534705 or book your next colour correction appointment online.

Hair Porosity

Most Hair Stylists will know when the hair is too porous. Understanding the porosity of your hair is the first step in managing what you can expect from your colour and to the Stylist, it’s important that they know which colours can be most effective.

Corrective Colour Appointments

Ever had a hair colour nightmare? Colour corrective appointments fix just that. More often than not box hair dye and hair porosity are the two sinful factors when it comes to booking a corrective appointment.

On occasion a client may simply dislike a colour (rather than something disastrous) whereas most clients will simply require a corrective colour as a necessity. 

At our Abingdon hairdressers we first addressed hair porosity above. This is important as it helps our Stylists to be more tactful and decisive with colouring options. This, alongside setting early expectations are crucial. On occasion achieving certain colours may not be physically possible. This isn’t through lack of trying, simply attempting such work may result in further medium-longer term damage. Speak to your Stylist and let them guide you if you’re uncertain. 


Whether you seek a corrective colour or not, it’s important where hair colour is concerned to look after your hair. Hair products and treatments are the two most vital sources of nutrition for your hair! Avoid those nasty shampoos and conditioners, instead opting for something far more beneficial for your colour. After all, if you are investing in your hair every few months by visiting a salon, why avoid it when your go home? You don’t need to spend a fortune either!

Treatments are a great investment. For a small increase in the cost of a colour appointment, treatments generally start from £10 and up. At our Abingdon salon we use ‘Defy Damage’ by JOICO to reduce breakage/damage from the application of colour by 80%. It’s a great product and something our Stylists would strongly recommend. It is also advised to return frequently in the event the hair has been damaged, this will greatly improve the condition of your hair.

Problem Solving

Whenever corrective measures are taken, select a Stylist that is proactive in their approach to problem solving. This is important when deciding how to tackle your hair colour nightmare! With a balance on end result, improving condition and providing an honest assessment, this is crucial. 

Our Stylists are always here to support. Should you wish to discuss your options, treatments and ideas; call us on 01235 534705. Alternatively we can be contacted here.

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