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Hair Extensions

Hair extensions come in all shapes and sizes from taped wefts, micro rings, hot bonded and prebonded to name but a few.

Ultimately extensions at their very core are both a fashion accessory or for many clients most appropriate if suffering from hair loss. However the application, quality of hair frequently varies significantly. Often shorter term benefits offer better cost benefit with medium-longer term detriments. In this instance, Google is your friend! However, if you are guided by quality hair, health and are happy to pay for such benefits, these will eventually pay you back in the long run.

If you are looking into the possibility of hair extensions, whether you are a first time client or a regular, we offer our clients a free hair extensions consultation.

For more information on Loxbox, you can find details on our hair extensions and how to book, here.

Taped Extensions

LoxBox luxury taped weft extensions are a popular method due to the speed and versatility of application. Fine Asian hair is bonded together in a soft, flat and flexible, 1.5” wide self-adhesive header strip. We simply position your natural hair in between two pieces of the tape and press them together for a secure and comfortable fit, no tools or heat is required. The extensions lie flat against the hair for a seamless finish.

Hair Extensions Consultation

Our Abingdon hair salon offer taped hair extensions. These are of the highest quality and if well looked after, will last the test of time.

To discuss your hair extension options, haircut, toner and more, we suggest booking a consultation with a Stylist. Call 01235 534705 or book for your extensions online and one of our Stylists will follow up with you.

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