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White Blonde Hair

White Blonde Hair Colour at Wisteria Avenue Salon Abingdon

White blonde or platinum blonde hair is ever becoming the most sought after blonde of them all. From Taylor Swift to Jennifer Lawrence, everyone is adopting this go-to hair colour.

White blonde hair colour is achievable, but don’t expect miracles! How blonde do you want to go? In some cases unless your Stylist is working with a similar hair colour to begin with, achieving an immediate platinum blonde within one sitting can take a lot of time, preparation and maintenance (not to mention a lot of looking after!).

Most Hair Stylists will be honest in their assessment and suggest a strand test. Whilst a strand test is never entirely accurate, it does serve a purpose in giving some sort of idea as to what could be achieved when lightening the hair.

Once you have achieved your white blonde colour, we aren’t through just yet! Lots of TLC, investing in root touch ups and ensuring the correct hair products are being used. We recommend the JOICO Blonde Life range. 

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Is it high maintenance?

Honestly? Yes. Bleach definitely has its positives. Our JOICO Blonde Life bleach works wonders. That being said, bleach strips the hair of its goodness and thus without looking after it may feel dry.

Frequent treatments are recommended, particularly when having your colour appointment to restore those vital good ‘things’ we alluded to above that are removed during the bleaching process.

There is also the issue of regrowth. This isn’t necessarily such an issue if you understand the pitfalls of attaining a white blonde/platinum blonde hair colour. Frequent visits to the salon don’t necessarily need to be expensive if you plan ahead and manage your own expectations.

Will it suit me?

Confidence is the real winner here. Anyone can pull it off if you can really showcase and match it with an appropriate cut. That being said, a professional Stylist will also be well versed in looking at your skin tone and suggest the perfect shade if you aren’t 100% sure.

But… Will I regret it?

White blonde looks stunning. If you have considering adopting a white blonde colour for anything more than a fleeting moment, then there is no better time than the present!

Hair Colour Consultation

White Blonde hair colour is becoming increasingly desirable. At our Wisteria Avenue salon Abingdon, achieving white blonde can be a process. 

Our Stylists are here to help, support and guide you particularly where bleach is concerned. A hair colour consultation is always advised before booking a hair colour appointment to ensure Wisteria Avenue Hairdressers can provide your hair with a new lease of life!

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