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Spring Hair Ideas

Best Hair Colour Ideas for Spring at Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon.

Hair Colours this Spring everyone thinks ‘freshness’. The sun is stronger, everyone’s mood is lifted; it makes sense that your hair colour reflects the season!

Visually your hair colour is everything. It reflects mood, vibrancy, professionalism, approachability, personality and most importantly; image. The best hair colour in Abingdon at Wisteria Avenue are neutral/lighter hair colours that offer something slightly different to that of colours that are often warmer for winter. Highlights are a really popular choice that offer something subtle yet a noticeable transformation for the Spring. Warmer blonde are a great starting point for hair colour either as an all over colour or as highlights (or even lowlights).

To help you this Spring to decipher your new hair colour options, we list our top hair colour suggestions, below.

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#1 Highlights

Highlights are great all year round, particularly in Spring. If you generally like your hair colour and remain happy with the level of maintenance and upkeep, additional depth, dimension and punch can be achieved through highlights.

Highlights are a personal favourite of the Hair Stylists in our Abingdon Hair Salon. They will give you a sun-kissed, natural look or soft transitions of colour if selected wisely. Highlights are also a sophisticated hair colour option that despite its relative ease of application, can be adapted with some creative hair colour inspiration!

Brown hair with blonde highlights and blonde highlights in red hair are the ideas most women have already tried. However, extravagant options that support our JOICO Color Intensity range are also an option. Semi-permanent hair colours look great and are a welcome challenge for our budding Hair Stylists! Our Color Intensity options (creative colour) offer freshness and vibrancy ensuring that you stand out in your social circle (in the best way possible!).

#2 Full Head Tint (All Over Colour)

A Full Head Tint, or an All Over Colour (as its also referred to as) is very simply one shade of colour covering all of the hair with a single shade.

Lighter shades this Spring are a great option. Blondes, lighter browns or even reds are a popular choice!

#3 Lowlights

Many clients are unsure as to what lowlights are. To most, they are a bit of a mystery! In layman’s terms,  lowlights can be thought of as the reverse of highlights.

Lowlights are brilliant at creating far more depth than can traditionally be achieved. These lowlights are darker than your base hair colour and be used to create both a stark contrast and multi-tonal in appearance. Blondes alongside darker colours are a popular choice this year; two options stand out for us at Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon, namely a soft effect lowlight using a shade within one to two levels of your base colour. Additionally, our favoured choice in the Abingdon Hair Salon is a high contrasting lowlight utilising shades that are within three to four levels of your base colour. This is a great option if you are looking to stand out from the crowd.

If you are unsure, speak to a Hair Stylist today at Wisteria Avenue to discuss your colour options by calling 01235 534705. Alternatively you can book an appointment, here.

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