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Bleach – Is it a colour?

Bleaching at Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon Abingdon

Bleach is a God send for those of us who seek to go lighter. Our Abingdon hairdressers use JOICO Blonde Life bleach. The powder enhances golden strands with an ultra-high-lift formula that safely kicks up to 9+ levels faster than before. Thanks to the powerful conditioning formula: breakage is significantly reduced and you bypass the difficulties of additives, it’s easy to rinse and remove, it can be used either with foils or without.

The JOICO Blonde Life bleach isn’t all. Our complete range of Blonde Life products are a complimentary lightening and brightening system created specifically for hair that’s been bleached, double-processed or lifted to new heights: gorgeous, shiny, healthy and intentionally blonde. 

The power of bleaching is unmatched in terms of going lighter. However, is bleach a colour? How does it work? When is bleach appropriate?

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What does Bleach actually do?

Very simply, from a visual standpoint bleach lightens hair. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

That being said different bleaches achieve different results however at its very core, all bleach does a similar job. Most vitally bleach lifts hair however it doesn’t deposit colour. In plain English this means you won’t acquire your desired colour with bleach alone.

Bleach will remove the colour from your hair (normally achieving a red, orange or yellow). Bleach does not add any tone or colour to the hair, quite simply’ bleach removes colour.

Is Bleach a Hair Colour?

In short, no. Bleach is designed to lighten hair rather than colour it. Hair colour alone (in most cases) won’t be able to achieve a lighter colour (even if you are a brunette and want to go blonde), simply selecting a blonde colour won’t achieve your desired colour. Bleach is an essential component in the hair colouring process.

Is Bleach really damaging?

When used appropriately, bleaching is great. The method of lightening hair, volume of bleach used and existing hair condition prior to any colour appointment will ordinarily dictate how damaging bleach can be (full scalp bleach, foils etc). There are also ways to test for damaged hair, however if you are unsure ask your Stylist and they will be happy to guide and point you in the right direction.

Most vitally if you look after your bleached hair with appropriate products, there is no reason why you can’t retain healthy hair. Just be sure to invest in the right products.

Treatments are also a great way to support your bleached hair and to help and support the condition if you are concerned about the after effects.

When is Bleach used?

Balayages, Ombres, Foils, Scalp Bleaches; you names it; any appointment whereby you seek to go lighter (if you already have some form of hair colour on your hair), bleach more often than not will be used in some form. This may also be referred to you as ‘pre-lightener’.

If Bleach only lightens the hair, what else do I need?

Colour/Toners are the key ingredient in colour hair. Colour can’t always lighten your existing hair colour alone therefore whilst bleach can lighten hair to any of the following colours; red, orange or yellow, colour is applied in addition to bleach to achieve your desired colour.

Can I have any colour once Bleach has lightened my hair?

This question is dependent on a couple of factors, namely your existing hair colour and condition. The darker your hair, the less likely your hair will lighten. Whilst you will still have options, you may just not be able to achieve the lightest and brightest colour over the course of one appointment. A second round of bleach may support your desire for even lighter hair longer term.

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