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What do Treatments do?

Treatments at Wisteria Avenue Abingdon Hairdressers

At Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon, we offer a range of treatments. Treatments come in all shapes and sizes, they are quick to apply, cost effective and work wonders!

So why would you want want? Our most popular treatment is called ‘Defy Damage’ by JOICO. We promote Defy Damage Pro Series (salon products) and the Home Series products for which can be purchased from the salon to be used at your convenience. Each play a vital role however most significantly as a treatment, in essence they recover your hair from a state of dissatisfaction. Typically this form of treatment is used when bleach and hair colour are used. They help to replenish the hair and maintain it; as a product it really is a big one for which is highly regarded in the industry and a no brainer.

Generally speaking treatments generally range from £10 and above across salons. For the outlay, the benefits of a treatment generally outweigh the cost implication. The treatments protect, strengthen, and rebuild hair bonds that start before bleach or colour ever touch the hair!

There are so many benefits to a treatment. When you next book your appointment, mention to the Stylist that you would like to discuss options for a treatment to best suit your hair. Alternatively, book online and you our booking software will offer the option to detail additional information. Mention that you would like a treatment and your Stylist will discuss this with you in salon. For bookings, click here.

The Pro Series

With the new salon exclusive Defy Damage ProSeries stylists can literally ‘defy damage’ and at the same time optimize results of every color and lightening service. In two easy steps, the ProSeries 1 and 2 protect and strengthen hair bonds (before, during, and after every chemical applicaiton) – thus ensuring the healthiest looking and feeling hair.

The Home Series

At home, consumers can continue to defy damage daily with the home maintenance products that protect all hair types from the ravaging effects of daily heat styling, UV exposure and environmental pollution that lead to dry, dull, lacklustre locks. The new formulas help protect and strengthen hair for a healthy hair results you can instantly see and feel.

Treatments at Wisteria Avenue Salon in Abingdon

Treatments are a cost effective way to reclaim your healthy hair on a budget. If you are interested in the benefits of a treatment alongside your next appointment, just let the Stylist know and they can recommend the best treatment or plan of action for you.

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