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Aftercare – What’s making my hair dry?

At Wisteria Avenue hairdressing in Abingdon, Oxfordshire we are frequently asked why hair can often be left dry, damaged or in much need of some TLC!

At the heart of any healthy hair are your daily habits. Do you regularly straighten your hair? Are you colouring your hair? which shampoos are you using? What are the frequency of products being used? Or has your hair been over bleached? 

There are plenty of reasons why your hair might be feeling dry. Ultimately it’s a bit like keeping a food diary to determine what the problem is! Your routines are crucial to understand these reasons. 

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Shampoos & Conditioners

Hair care routine is critical. Whilst there could be external factors such as a change in weather, humidity, heat exposure or even hormonal changes; your range of hair products can significantly too play an impactful role in your hair for better or worse.

Do I need to spend lots on my hair?

Two questions are pertinent to answering this question; How much do you spend on hair colour appointments and styling? Secondly, how comfortable are you with your hair? 

Many shampoos & conditioners currently on the market boast hair-boosting claims that often do more damage than good. They smell great yet hide nasty toxins that provide an artificial finish. Have you ever hopped out the shower and your hair feels silky, yet upon drying your hair it’s left feeling dehydrated? Yep. That’s your hair products doing you a disservice.

If truth be told, if your hair is fairly low maintenance and you aren’t investing in your hair colour there isn’t necessarily any reason why ‘cheap’ shampoos and conditioners won’t serve you perfectly fine. If anything, the over investing in this area may not serve you any better if you don’t have any concerns. Some investment is however required when your hair requires real nutrition. You don’t need to spend much money on ‘premium’ shampoos and conditioners either. Just ask your Stylist what they would recommend for your hair type and lifestyle.

What’s wrong with cheap Shampoos & Conditioners?

Yes, ‘cheap’ doesn’t accurately describe a hair product! However it’s these types of products can strip your hair colour and softness. Do you ever notice some time after leaving a salon your hair colour feels a littler duller than it did when you had your colour done? Be mindful when investing in your shampoos and conditioners that hair products that you use aren’t working against you. Remember, you pay for what you get. Some of those household brands that make bold claims may not be helping as much as you may think!

Hair Porosity

You may have heard your Stylist band around the term ‘porous hair’ or ‘hair porosity’. But what does it mean?

Hair porosity is a measure of how easily water is taken up and lost. Your Stylist can determine this in a couple of ways; how your hair feels to the touch and the simple method of a water test! Your Stylist can take a strand test, place the strand in a cup of water. If your hair floats its great, if it sinks? Your hair is likely to be more porous.

Hair porosity doesn’t necessarily need to be doom and gloom, it just requires greater TLC in the short to medium term. That being said, in most cases your high street range of hair care products won’t be sophisticated enough to help support your hair.

We recommend JOICO Daily Care Shampoo and JOICO Moisture Recovery Shampoo and JOICO Moisture Recovery Conditioner. These can be purchased in our Abingdon salon or via our website, here.


Home dye kits gone wrong, hair colour problems, overuse of hair colour, hair straightening treatments, they are all in some way counter intuitive. Over-bleaching in particular is commonplace and something that could be labelled a hair disaster! Not only does bleach require careful usage because if used incorrectly you can leave your hair looking like a yellowy mess! However, if overused it was leave hair feeling dry, brittle or far worse prone to breakage. 

Treatments & Home Care

Treatments can be a little bit of a grey area. What do they do (if anything at all)? Are they a bit of a fad? That really depends on what you’re seeking to achieve, selecting a product or service relative to your condition of hair, and also when to use a treatment is crucial.

Home treatments are a great investment. If you are looking to protect your hair colour, JOICO Luster Lock is a great option as is the JOICO K-PAK Smoothing Balm.

Here’s Why You’ll Love JOICO Luster Lock

  • If you are looking for more manageability and a way to reign in your unruly hair, you are going to love this smooth savior.
  • Tames out-of-control frizz.
  • Leaves hair feeling silky-smooth and soft.
  • Creates stellar shine.
  • Protects your smooth finish from style-sabotaging humidity.

Here’s Why You’ll Love JOICO K-PAK Smoothing Balm

  • Deeply repairs and nourishes color-treated hair.
  • Locks in color vibrancy.
  • Instantly adds shine.
  • Provides slip to prevent damage during styling.

Hair Consultation

Uncertain what products would work with your hair, concerned your hair is dry yet worried your hair needs a little more TLC than ordinary products can offer? Our Stylists are happy to extend a hand to help, guide and support you and your hair choices.
Call our Abingdon salon on 01235 534705 or when you book your next hair appointment, speak to a Stylist about your concerns and they will do their utmost to help.


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