What is a T-Section?

T-Section Appointments at Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon in Abingdon, Oxfordshire

T-Section highlights are a popular choice if you want to go lighter at your root area. However, ensuring that t-section highlights are for you and will suit your regrowth and hair colour are important to understand first.

A safe option if you already have highlights, a t-section can help to blend your natural regrowth into a head of highlights. If done correctly it can be effective in terms of both appearance and without hitting your pocket too hard.

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Would T-Section Foils Work For me?

T-section highlights are designed to lighten the top of the hair, specifically the top and crown area. In plain English, it’s a bit like getting highlights but only a very small number once your darker regrowth has presented itself.

Generally speaking, a t-section is great if you want to disguise your regrowth whilst blending in to an existing set of highlights whilst not overdoing it on the highlights. This is generally advised for those who don’t want to overdo it with the highlighting,
Regular t-sections may work out slightly more cost effective than a half or even a full head of highlights more regularly (if executed sensibly). However depending on the Stylist, consider your options for how you’d like your hair to appear. Streaky, thick, thin, subtle or striking. Ultimately your Stylist will generally have a good idea as to how you can blend your roots with a t-section into the rest of your hair.

Colour Consultation

Colour consultations are a great way to introduce your hair to a Stylist. If you are looking for something that ticks those all important boxes, let our Stylsits know! 

If you want that personal touch, call the salon directly on 01235 534705. Alternatively if you are ready to book your appointment, either call or book your appointment online using our platform. Upon booking, a member of the team will pick up the phone to discuss your hair colour and styling options.

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