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Two-Tone Balayage

Two-Tone Balayages at Wisteria Avenue Hairdressers in Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Two-tone balayages are becoming an increasingly popular choice for anyone seeking a difference from a more traditional balayage.

Balayage means to ‘sweep’ or ‘paint’ in French. Balayage is a French colouring technique that was developed in the 1970’s and since has taken on various forms. This can be achieved in many forms however typically at Wisteria Avenue we use both a freehand technique where the colour is applied by hand and also through traditional means of using foils for the desired balayage effect.

If you are looking for a balayage, don’t be put off by images of clients sporting longer hair. Even those with the shortest pixie crop can exploit a balayage however it is worth noting that most having a balayage will have longer hair below shoulder length.

Interested in a balayage or a two-tone balayage? We would love to discuss your hair colour options in our Abingdon hairdressers. For more information call 01235 534705 or book online using our live booking platform, Slick. 

What is a Two-Tone Balayage?

Check out our balayage page for more information on a traditional balayage.

A balayage is a subtle way of dipping your toe into the world of hair colour! Designed to look sun kissed, the benefit of a traditional balayage being that it’s maintainable, looks great and yet isn’t such a leap that people will begin noticing your for the wrong reasons.

A two-tone balayage is much the same, only instead of introduced one colour, we introduce a second to compliment the first. The most effective two-tone balayages offer two separate colours that are somewhat similar to one another. One Stylists recommend an additional colour in the event you regularly style your hair. This is a great and simple addition that won’t necessarily hit your pocket any more than a more traditional balayage. 

Colour Consultation at Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon in Abingdon, Oxfordshire

If you would like to discuss your balayage options; whether to opt for a two-tone balayage over a balayage let us discuss colour options and what may best suit your hair let’s discuss!

For more information, please call 01235 534705 or book your next balayage appointment, here.

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