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How long do semi-permanent colours last?

Semi-Permanent Hair Colour at Wisteria Avenue Hairdressers in Abingdon, Oxfordshire

We are frequently asked about semi-permanent hair colour including its benefits, drawbacks and most importantly how long semi-permanent colour lasts.

Semi-permanent hair colours come in many forms. Our JOICO Color Intensity range are a form of semi-permanent creative colours, we offer a range of liquid Demi Permanent colours for which are a range of natural shades that last longer longer yet aren’t permanent.

So what do all these mean? Why are there so many types of colour? Are the all necessary?

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What’s the difference between Demi-Permanent and Semi-Permanent?

Simply put semi-permanent colours will last for less time than demi-permanent colours. When mixing permanent or demi-permanent colours you require a developer when mixing colour to make it work. Semi-permanent colour can be applied directly onto the hair whereas demi-permanent colours are more permanent than semi-permanent, yet less permanent than permanent colours.

Confusing? It’s a lot to get your head round however each colour type does have a purpose and a use. Some can be more appropriate for different clients with requirements that tick different boxes. Not all colour types (demi, liquids, permanent or semi-permanent) will necessarily work effectively on each hair type.

Demi Liquids

Demi liquids reduces the amount of ammonia required in the hair colouring process, which is a huge plus point for some clients who don’t want to be exposed to ammonia.

Additionally it instantly restrengthens hair with up to 2x shinier hair. Additionally  JOICO demi liquids also provide a conditioning shield surrounding the hair shaft to nourish and protect colour-treated hair for up to 30 shampoos*, sealing in moisture, softness, and brilliant shine.

These are great if you want extra shine, however these are by no means a permanent fixture. They simply offer clients an option in the event that a reduction of ammonia in the colour process is required or more commonly, something softer than permanent colour is required.

Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

JOICO’s range of semi-permanent colours are called ‘Color Intensity’. The Color Intensity range is just that; a selection of the most vibrant shades from Amethyst Purple, Kelly Green, Orchid to Rose Gold.

Semi-permanent hair colour will generally last up to 20 washes. However this is by no means a guarantee; ultimately your hair condition, lifestyle, hair care routine and products will dictate the lifespan of your semi-permanent hair colour.

Semi-permanent colours often don’t require developers. The biggest difference between semi-permanent and permanent colours being that semi’s simply coat the hair whereas demi-permanent colours will open the cuticles of the hair shaft to penetrate giving a longer lasting colour (albeit still not entirely permanent).

Hair Colour Consultation

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