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men's Long Haircuts in Abingdon

Welcome to Wisteria Avenue’s realm of men’s long haircuts, where style meets versatility. Long hairstyles for men have made a remarkable comeback, offering a spectrum of stylish possibilities that transcend boundaries. Our salon prides itself on crafting long hairstyles that radiate confidence and showcase individuality.

From classic longer looks to contemporary styles, our skilled Stylists at Wisteria Avenue understand the nuances of creating and maintaining men’s long haircuts. We acknowledge the unique requirements and intricate care involved in managing longer locks.

Whether you’re aiming for the bohemian flair of cascading waves or the suave allure of layered locks, our team is adept at tailoring these hairstyles to complement your features, lifestyle, and personal preferences.

At Wisteria Avenue, we believe that men’s long haircuts embody a distinctive sense of charm and character. Embrace the freedom and versatility that long hair offers with our dedicated styling expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results. Discover the possibilities of men’s long hairstyles with Wisteria Avenue.

Long Haircut Options

Here are some men’s long haircut options:

  1. Layered Cut: This style involves layering the hair to add volume and texture, providing a versatile look.

  2. Man Bun: A trendy option where longer hair is tied up into a bun, offering a neat yet stylish appearance.

  3. Flow Hairstyle: A popular choice for longer locks, allowing the hair to flow naturally with a more relaxed and free-spirited vibe.

  4. Undercut with Long Hair: Combining an undercut with lengthy hair on top, creating a striking contrast between short sides and longer, styled hair on the crown.

  5. Long and Straight: For those with naturally straight hair, growing it out and maintaining length while keeping the hair sleek and straight.

  6. Curly Long Hair: Embracing natural curls or adding curls to longer hair for a more textured and expressive look.

  7. Layered Waves: Ideal for wavy hair, this style involves layers to enhance the natural wave pattern, providing depth and movement.

  8. Shaggy Style: A laid-back, slightly disheveled appearance with layers, offering a casual and carefree vibe.

These are just a few options, and our expert Stylists at Wisteria Avenue can guide you further based on your preferences and hair type to achieve the perfect men’s long haircut.

Why are men's long haircuts so popular in a salon?

Men’s long haircuts have gained popularity in salons due to evolving fashion trends and a growing cultural shift toward diverse hairstyles. Longer hairstyles offer versatility and individuality, allowing men to express their personality through their hair. They’re not just a style statement but also an emblem of self-expression and confidence. Moreover, societal norms surrounding masculinity have broadened, encouraging men to explore longer hair as a means of personal style.

Longer hairstyles provide numerous styling options, allowing men to experiment with different looks, from sleek and polished to relaxed and tousled. Additionally, the fashion industry and media often spotlight celebrities and influencers sporting long hair, contributing to its appeal and widespread acceptance.

Salons cater to this trend by offering tailored consultations and specialised services that cater to the unique needs of men’s long hairstyles. From maintenance tips to suggested care routines, salons ensure that men with longer hair receive the expertise and attention required to maintain their desired look.

What is the difference between a long haircut in a salon versus a barbers?

The difference between a long haircut at a salon and a barbershop often lies in the approach. Salons generally offer a broader range of services catering to diverse hair lengths, textures, and styles. For long haircuts, salons typically focus on the consultation, intricate cutting techniques, and diverse styling options. 

On the other hand, barbershops traditionally specialise in shorter hairstyles, particularly classic and contemporary men’s cuts. While some barbershops might offer long hair services, they may not provide the same depth of expertise or a wide array of styling options for longer lengths compared to salons. Barbershops tend to excel in fades, buzz cuts, and shorter styles, while salons are more versatile in managing longer hair, cutting and offering a more detailed and tailored approach to maintaining and styling longer locks.

What is the downside to a mens long haircut in salon?

One potential downside to getting a men’s long haircut at a salon could be that longer hair often demands more time and effort than shorter styles. It may need more frequent trims to maintain the desired shape and prevent split ends. Additionally, long haircuts might involve higher pricing due to the amount of time and effort required during the cutting and styling process.

Another aspect could be the adaptability of certain styles to different lifestyles. Long hair may require more attention in terms of care and styling routines, which might not be suitable for everyone’s lifestyle or preferences.

How much does a mens long haircut in a hairdressers costs?

Very simply, it can vary.

Salons often have a fixed price for cuts whether short or long. At Wisteria Avenue we offer a Wash, Cut & Blow Dry service alongside a ‘Restyle’ option for bigger changes. in most cases, mens haircuts in Abingdon salons in 2023 varied from £20 – £60+. Wisteria Avenue came out between £33-£49 in this year.

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Yes, we carry long hair specific JOICO products in our salon to aid your new cut.

At Wisteria Avenue, we pride ourselves on simplifying hair jargon for our clients’ understanding. If you’re unsure about the best haircut for you, feel free to ask for guidance. Our Stylists are adept at offering suggestions to enhance or refine a haircut style.

We’re skilled at presenting visual inspirations and engaging in thorough discussions to explore various haircut ideas. During your consultation, we collaborate closely to identify a style that precisely matches your preferences.

For more information on our expertise in curly haircuts, we welcome you to connect with us directly.

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