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Welcome to Wisteria Avenue’s Clipper Haircuts. Our salon offers an exclusive experience designed for those seeking a sharp and tailored look. Clipper haircuts represent a popular grooming choice, providing crisp and well-defined cuts that complement various hair types and styles.

At Wisteria Avenue, our skilled stylists excel in the art of clipper cutting, using the latest techniques to deliver results. Whether you’re after a classic buzz cut, a faded style, or a unique clipper design, our team ensures a meticulous approach tailored to your preferences.

We understand that a clipper haircut is more than just a trim; it’s an expression of personal style. With our expertise and attention to detail, we aim to create a look that not only matches your aesthetic but also elevates your confidence. Join us for an exceptional grooming experience that leaves you looking and feeling your absolute best.


Clipper Haircut Options

Clipper haircut options include various styles tailored to individual preferences and hair types:

  1. Buzz Cut: A classic and straightforward cut achieved by using clippers to maintain an even length across the entire head. It’s versatile, low maintenance, and suits various face shapes.

  2. Fade: This haircut involves blending hair from short to long, gradually fading the length, typically seen in high, mid, or low fade variations. Fades offer a clean, modern look with different fade lengths and designs.

  3. Textured Crop: A contemporary style with short sides and a textured top, often layered or tousled for added volume and movement. It’s versatile and suits various hair types.

  4. Pompadour Fade: Combining a fade with a pompadour style, characterised by short sides and a voluminous, slicked-back top. The fade adds contrast and emphasis to the pompadour.

  5. Line Up: A precise cut involving outlining the hairline and facial hair using clippers or a trimmer. It creates clean edges around the forehead, temples, and neckline for a polished look.

  6. Designs or Patterns: Intricate designs or patterns shaved into the hair using clippers, allowing for creative styles.

These clipper haircut options provide versatility, allowing individuals to choose styles that suit their preferences, lifestyle, and desired aesthetic.

Why are men's clipper haircuts so popular in a salon?

Clipper haircuts have gained popularity in salons due to their versatility, precision, and ability to create sharp, defined styles. Men seek these cuts for their convenience, low maintenance, and the ability to achieve a neat appearance. Additionally, clipper haircuts allow for a range of designs and fade variations, making them a preferred choice among those looking for modern and stylish grooming options.

What is the difference between a clipper haircut in a salon versus a barbers?

While both salons and barbershops offer clipper haircuts, the difference often lies in the detail. Salons typically provide a broader range of services beyond just clipper cuts enabling them to introduce scissor cutting and razoring where it’s needed for an improved finish. These techniques are often introduced dependent on hair type, historical hair growth, hair thickness, frequency of appointment and against any medium-term aims and hair goals.

Barbers tend to clipper most haircuts and for traditional barber cuts they are a streamlined solution. Though clipper cuts tend not to be more limiting when introducing more significant changes. Barbershops, on the other hand, tend to focus primarily on grooming services tailored specifically for men, providing a more traditional and masculine environment centered around clipper cuts, beard trims, and classic barbering techniques.

What is the downside to a mens clipper haircut in salon?

One potential downside to a men’s clipper haircut in a salon could be related to its limitations. While clipper haircuts offer precision and are excellent for achieving certain styles, they might not cater to all preferences or hair types. Some men may find limited options for longer or more intricate styles that require scissor cutting or texturising techniques. Additionally, if not done properly, clipper cuts might lack finesse in blending or transitioning between different lengths, resulting in a less seamless appearance.

Moreover, maintaining certain clipper cuts might require frequent visits to the salon for upkeep, which could be a consideration for those seeking a low-maintenance style. It’s essential to communicate preferences and discuss potential limitations with the stylist beforehand to ensure the desired outcome is achievable and meets personal expectations.

How much does a mens clipper haircut in a hairdressers costs?

The cost of a men’s clipper haircut in a hairdresser’s salon can vary depending on several factors such as the location of the salon, the experience of the stylist, additional services included, and the overall reputation of the establishment. On average, a men’s clipper haircut at a salon might range anywhere from £20 to £40 in Abingdon and up to £70 in central Oxford. However, prices can fluctuate widely based on the specific salon’s pricing structure, the complexity of the haircut, and any additional services provided, such as shampooing, styling, or beard grooming. It’s recommended to inquire directly with the salon or stylist for their precise pricing and services offered to get an accurate idea of the cost.

How does a gents salon clipper haircut experience work differently?

A clipper haircut experience at a gents salon differs in various aspects compared to a traditional barbershop or a general salon.

Gents salons typically specialise in contemporary styling methods, including clipper cuts. The stylists at often possess expertise in creating up-to-date hairstyles, providing tailored advice, and staying abreast of the latest trends, ensuring a more fashionable approach.

Gents salons prioritise thorough consultations, discussing individual preferences and lifestyle to craft a haircut that complements the client’s personality and facial features. They may also offer styling recommendations and advice on products for at-home maintenance.

Hair salons often offer a more sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere, along with additional services like scalp massages or grooming alongside the haircut, enhancing the overall experience.

Stylists at gents salons pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring precise clipper work, intricate fades, and sharp lines. Their focus is on creating a refined and polished look while maintaining a welcoming and comfortable environment for their clientele.

Overall, the gents salon clipper haircut experience combines modern styling techniques, personalised service, and meticulous attention to detail, catering specifically to the preferences of male clients seeking contemporary and refined hairstyles.

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Our Hair Stylists excel in breaking down hairdressing terminology to ensure clarity for our clients. If you’re uncertain about the most suitable style for you, don’t hesitate to ask! As Stylists we are full of ideas to improve or make tweaks to better improve a style of haircut.

We’re adept at providing visual references and engaging in comprehensive discussions to explore ideas. During your consultation, we’ll work together to discover a style that perfectly aligns with your preferences.

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