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Caramel Balayage in Abingdon

Ever thought about caramel balayage? It’s arguably the most popular balayage colour around! The method of balayage applies lighter pieces to the mid through to the ends of the hair resulting in a soft, sun-kissed appearance from natural to a caramel shade. It’s gentle, natural and it looks amazing!

The beauty of a caramel balayage lies in the tone. It’s a sensible choice if you you’re a medium blonde looking for more dimension. It’s effortless, relaxed sophisticated all while offering a noticeable transformation.


What is a Caramel balayage?

The key of any balayage is your tone. If you visit the salon, your stylist will regularly refer to this as it is important to the overall feel to your balayage. The balayage and toner are separate with a common misconception being that ‘bleach’ comes in different colours. Bleach itself isn’t a colour, however we need bleach to lighten hair to ensure the toner (or our colour) will take. In this example, a caramel toner will ‘grab’ the bleach leaving you with a caramel balayage!

The balayage technique is a sun-kissed effect achieved by placing lighter pieces throughout the hair, typically focusing around the face and ends.

Why are caramel balayage's so popular?

It’s natural, sophisticated, works with most hair types, skin colours and it’s universally loved! Combining warm caramel and blonde tones, we create a natural blend that suits almost any skin tones and hair type.

Caramel blonde offers a softer, sun-kissed effect, transitioning from darker roots to lighter ends. It’s a sensible choice as it can be tailored to both brunettes looking for a gentle gear change towards a lighter caramel shade.

The draw towards any balayage for many is its low-maintenance nature appeal. The balayage technique allows for a more natural regrowth, reducing the need to continually revisit the salon for a top up. 

What is the difference between caramel balayage and a blonde balayage?

Strictly they are the same thing, however ‘blondes’ mean different things to different people. The colour we choice is an important one that impacts everyones hair differently. For example clients with naturally warmer tones may not necessarily benefit from say, a cool white blonde. Whereas naturally cooler blonde hair may not benefit from the introduction of a warm toner. There are exceptions to the rule, though a god stylist will work with you if you are unsure.

Both techniques use the balayage method to achieve a natural, blended look, but the key difference is the choice of toner. A caramel balayage tends to be warmer while a blonde balayage leans towards cooler finish.

What does a caramel balayage do to your hair?

A caramel balayage introduces a lighter colour to your ends. This results in subtlety whilst retaining sun-kissed ends for a hair colour people will notice for all the right reasons. The caramel shade would be designed to enhance your natural hair colour ini a much more gentle way than highlights, offering a seamless blend.

What is the downside to caramel balayage?

If you’re looking for something brighter, the drawback of a caramel balayage could be its subtlety. Caramel tones tend to be warmer, so if say, a whiter or cooler colour is needed, caramel toners may not be for you.

What does a caramel balayage cost?

The key is usually what is the starting point a Stylist is working from. Is the hair lots of colours? Are they covering grey hairs/changing the base colour? Is the hair long and/or thick? Is the condition of hair healthy? What’s the desired end result? As a rule of thumb, city centre salons will universally quote higher for similar work due to higher overheads, against salon reputation and seniority of stylist.

In Oxford, the cost typically starts at £250+. Wisteria Avenue’s 2023 average for balayage was £180.

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