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Short Hair Ideas

Short Hair Ideas at Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon in Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Your haircut says a lot about you. Positively: Warmth? Friendliness? Sex appeal? Professionalism? Openness? Cute? Natural Beauty? Conversely your hair can also tell a less than positive story (something our Stylists can advise upon if you are unsure as to your next haircut or style) when you visit Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon.

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Haircut : Bob

There are many different forms of a Bob. Whether it’s layered, bouncy, blunt with bangs, slicked back or simply choppy; the Bob is a popular option for clients with short hair and great on a round or oval face.

The Bob also looks great when complimented with some additional styling options. Curls are a great option if you are looking to temporarily restyle your hair for greater oomph!

Haircut : Pixie Cut

A pixie haircut is a contemporary style that offers convenience, ease and a manageable style if you’re always on the go without the drawback of lots of maintenance. Pixie haircuts with a modern twist are far from limited also; they look amazing with managed and styled well. We are Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon love a Pixie haircut with slicked back or curled.

If you’re unsure or are looking for a change and yet to be sold that a Pixie haircut can offer something different; try an asymmetrical vintage Pixie haircut for a refreshed and stylish look!

Looking for a restyle or a quick trim? Short hair is a favourite at Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Call 01235 534705 or click here, to book online.

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