Summer Hair Ideas

Summer Hair Ideas at Wisteria Avenue Hairdressers in Abingdon

Summer is finally here! That can mean one thing; (Well, aside from a new wardrobe!), it’s time for a new hair colour! At any top salon your Hair Stylist will likely have an excellent grasp of seasonal hair trends. Whether you intend to opt for a natural sun kissed balayage with lighter tones, highlights a shade or two lighter or something to really make a statement this summer like a creative colour (rose gold is VERY popular right now), your options are far from limited particularly down the creative hair colour avenue.

Summer is here, so why not explore your best hair colour options today? Let’s get started!

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Blonde hair colour can prove a bit of a minefield. Hair colour needn’t be so confusing! From highlights to platinum blonde to dark blonde, you are never too short of options! 

Our Hair Stylists in our Abingdon salon strongly recommend in the event you are going blonder this season to remain within two levels of your natural hair colour. This is to both retain your healthy hair but also as important clients often don’t want such stark contrast. Something quite subtle is often far more powerful just a leap to something much lighter and brighter.

Another consideration for any clients contemplating going blonder is your skin tone. Are you fair, light, medium or dark skinned? Your skin complexion may be a contributing factor as to how blonde you wish to go.

It isn’t just skin complexion that’s a contributing factor. For some clients, even eye colour is worth looking into! Your eye colour may only be a small facial feature but trust us when we say that it absolutely matters when choosing the best shade that works for you! Believe it or not some blonde hair colours are best suited to blue eyes whereas others are better suited to brown eyes!

Balayage / Ombre

A blonde balayage blonde is a personal favourite of our Stylists. As a local hairdressers, we recommend a balayage for summer if you are seeking something natural that also requires little maintenance.

The lightest balayages are a great addition this summer. Delicate on the roots whilst gradually saturated towards the ends, a blonde balayage offers clients contrast and a sun-kissed look this summer (even with British weather!).

Summer Hair Ideas at Wisteria Avenue Hair Salon in Abingdon, Oxfordshire

With summer upon us, going lighter with a new hair colour is all the rage. Let’s collaborate today and see what we can do together to reinvigorate your hair colour this summer!

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