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Winter Hair Ideas

Winter hair ideas at our Abingdon hairdressers are as popular as ever! In recent times, red hair is going through a bit of a renaissance. Red hair is back and better than ever!

So move aside blondes! Winter hair colours are all about shades of red hair. No less do we offer semi and permanent reds of varying hues that you won’t be short of choice, it can be difficult to find the perfect red for you. From copper to a sophisticated deep red, how’s a girl to know which shade of red hair will look best on her? Rest easy in the knowledge that with the help of one of our qualifies stylists they can help in your search for a perfect red hair colour!

Whether you are visit our Abingdon hair salon for the first time or a regular, seeking a fiery, subtle, deep or powerful red; ultimately your choice will be inspired by your personality and how you want people to look at you. Irrespective of the chosen hair colour, as always, if you are looking for some red hair inspiration this season then look no further!

Root Drag

Root stretching is a technique that your Abingdon Hair Stylist can employ to extend your root line all while blending out your natural root colour.

A root stretch is essentially a way to maintain a hair style that has grown out with limited maintenance. So what does this look like? Image your existing root line. Our Colourists extend this by painting the colour on as if we  were tasked with a root touch up. From there we weave out sections of the hair (much in the same way as a balayage) We do this by painting on the colour first as if we’re doing a normal root touch up, then we weave out sections of the hair like a balayage to stretch the root colour further down the hair.

If you’re wondering why we do this? Namely it looks great! In addition there’s no obvious heavy regrowth with is also key for those clients who struggle with maintenance of a few pesky greys!

Caramel Hair Colours

This winter, warmer hair colours are a really popular option at our hairdressers in Abingdon. If you’re looking for a caramel hair colour option this season then you’re not alone! As a hair colour, caramel falls somewhere between brown and blonde and offers a great option is your natural colour is on the darker side. 

Caramel hair is very accommodating and versatile. At Wisteria Avenue hair salon in Abingdon, caramel balayage and ombres are most popular. The warm colours do well to balance out darker root colours and offer fantastic depth if you’re looking for something a touch lighter without a stark contrast. 

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